Friday, July 22, 2011


Apparently according to an EU commissioner we "must" take more migrants and no doubt our spineless politicians will toe the line and allow more migrants in despite the fact that we have 2.45 million unemployed people officially on the books anyway.
MEDDLING eurocrats are demanding that Britain welcomes more immigrants to help the EU’s struggling economy, it emerged yesterday.
European Union Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom says immigration and visa-free travel are essential to boost economic fortunes.
The Swedish politician has urged member states to welcome more immigrants to help deal with skills shortages, an ageing population and a declining workforce.
Further immigration will boost the economies of EU countries and benefit their residents, she went on. Ms Malmstrom’s comments come after Denmark brought in tougher border controls in response to growing immigration from North Africa.
Ok, now first Ms Malmstrom is actually only talking about the Schengen Zone which doesn't include the UK, however once into the EU and given an EU passport, any immigrant would be free to come here and lets face it, a hell of a lot of them do.
The problem is the type of immigrant we get, North African immigrants tend to be unskilled and we have enough unskilled people here who really should be "encouraged" to take a low paid job whether they like it or not, even to the extent of cutting off their benefits.
The other problem with North African immigrants is that they tend to be Muslim and we have enough problems with the Muslims we have already in this country, not all to be sure, but enough to know that basically they cause more problems than they are worth and the more there are of them, the bigger the problems are as they don't seem to think that our rules should apply to them.
I'm not saying we don't need some immigration, however we don't need unskilled immigrants, we should only be looking for skilled professionals who can and will integrate into our society, not form another unskilled underclass with religious paranoia thrown in.
However, unless we do leave the EU, that's exactly what will happen because our idiot politicians handed over the keys to the door when they signed up to the EU and gave away our sovereignty, something the traitors had no right to do.

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