Saturday, July 9, 2011


Committing political suicide seems to run in the veins of the Lib Dems, or rather those of the Lib Dems who are pro EU and pro Euro.

Nick Clegg angered critics by insisting Britain’s fortunes were tied to the eurozone.
He said the UK could not stand by while countries like Greece ­teeter on the brink.
I know he's an ex EU something or other and has to say such crap in order to hold onto his pension, but really, how out of touch is the deputy leader of the coagulation?
The UK more by accident than design managed to stay outside the Euro currency and thus managed to keep a measure of control over our interest rates and economy, something which the individual countries in the Eurozone do not have, much to Ireland, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy's detriment.
This should have meant that we simply tut tutted as those economies slid into oblivion at least until they pulled out of the Euro and took control of their "new" old currencies and devalued them to the correct levels of their debt. Something they can't do with the Euro. What we shouldn't be doing as the boy Clegg is suggesting is bailing out the Euro, it's not our currency and although the EU do lord it over us to an extent (at the moment) it isn't our problem. If the Greek economy does go tits up because they can't pay their debts, then it's not our business to be throwing good money after bad and simply stave off the inevitable.
Out of touch and clearly out of his mind, Nick Clegg clearly has no idea what the UK public at large actually think about the EU or if he does, doesn't give a damn about representing that feeling in Parliament or abroad.
Sooner his party goes into oblivion the better.

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Anonymous said...

Well said and I agree entirely.

Still, let the numpty carry out spouting this nonsense. It will help ensure that the LibDims are annhialated at the next General Election and hopefully UKIP will take their place as the 3rd force in British politics so it is game on over the EU.

Radio Free Britain said...

Here, here QM, these LibDem Guardianistas live in cloud cookoo land.

John Coles said...

Clegg is happily sheltered in his middle class cocoon and neither needs nor seeks contact with the hoi poloi. All the while Cameron gives him shelter and political sustenance. What a thoroughly repulsive pair they make.

Captain Haddock said...

"Sooner his party goes into oblivion the better" ...

Surely QM, you mean the sooner his party returns to oblivion the better ?