Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lies, damned lies and the Daily Mail

There's an article in the Daily Mail online that defies description such is its sheer distance from reality. The stupidity of the article is amazing. It is misleading to the point where I cant believe it was even allowed to be published.
The Norwegian fanatic has been in close contact with hundreds of British right-wing extremists for two years, it emerged last night.
No it didn't, all that emerged was that he added a load of people on facebook who displayed any sort of nationalist tendencies. If adding someone on facebook is being in "close contact for 2 years" then I'm a jellyfish.
He chatted about ‘tactics’ on social networking sites with hundreds of members of the English Defence League (EDL) and the British National Party (BNP)
This is made to sound like he was actually discussing tactics for terrorism and killing people. When it's known that he didn't mention this at all to anyone, for fear of being found out.
and attended demonstrations and meetings here
Not a shred of evidence that these were EDL meetings. No photos, videos, or even public statements from senior figures in the EDL, in fact exactly the opposite. No-one from the guys who march with the EDL remember seeing Anders Breivik at any demo either in London or Newcastle.The only two sources the Mail has are an ex member of the EDL (wonder why) and an anonymous woman who runs a Proud to be an enemy of Islam facebook page which isn't affiliated to the EDL at all.
Anti-extremist campaign groups and think tanks called on the Government to classify EDL as a far-Right organisation.
Well since the only aim of the EDL is to oppose Islamic extremism, they would have to say that opposing Islamic extremism is in fact 'Far-Right.'
To be honest I think most of the political class believe this anyway.
In a rambling 1,500-page manifesto posted on the internet shortly before his attacks, Breivik praised the EDL.
Whilst he did praise the thinking behind the EDL, he in fact called them "naive fools" and stated "The EDL and its principles can never be reconciled as we are miles apart ideologically."
No mention of this anywhere in the article. 
A source within the EDL said last night: ‘I know people within the English Defence League who claim Anders Breivik was at some of those meetings.
‘Also, people who he knows have been over to the UK many times and are very active within the EDL circles in London. There are definite connections between this man and the UK.’
This is total bull. 'A source' means one of the people they've messaged on the facebook site. Also no EDL member in a position to know those things would talk about this to a newspaper and not mention it to the leadership or on the EDL forums.
And they round it off with a quote from someone from searchlight.a communist SWP site masquerading as an anti-fascist site so clearly an unbiased source.
Matthew Collins, spokesman for the anti-fascist organisation Searchlight, told the Daily Mail: ‘EDL was his inspiration, ideologically and politically.’
Can't even get that right, Anders Breivik uploaded a 1500 page manifesto, "2083: A European Declaration of Independence", in which he stated: "EDL and [his] principles can never be reconciled as we are miles apart ideologically" 
The Daily Mail really has gone downhill these days, another headline on the front page claims that Breivik listened to 'music from Lord Of the Rings', when in actual fact the song in question was from a totally different film.
And the worst thing is they will get away with all of this scott free, no one will take any complaints seriously and this is why I hate the MSM.
The EDL leader was interviewed on newsnight last night by Paxman, not his best interview by far, but again he wasn't intimidated or cowed by Paxman and managed to get his point across.

Considering the desperate efforts being put in by the left, politicians and the MSM to somehow link the EDL to Anders Breivik I have to figure that somehow or other the EDL has the powers that be very worried indeed.

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Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail comments page is not available,well fancy that !

Radio Free Britain said...

The MSM along with the lefty loons are deliberately ratcheting up the pressure on patriots to make them snap, it's what they want and if it happens they won't take the blame. The TV as well as the press is just one big hate fest against the mythical extreme right, whoever they are. All that hard work the EDL have done to try and distance themselves from the BNP and their likes is deliberately undermined by the commie NUJ and its lies. V

English Pensioner said...

If opposing Islamic extremism is 'Far-Right.', I must assume that Islamic extremism is "Far-Left".
Thus in future all references to "Islamic Extremism" or "Islamic Fundamentalism" should be prefixed by the words "Far-Left".

If all the bloggers, who object to organisations such as EDL, UKIP or any group to the right of Cameron being described as "Far-Right", adopted such an approach every time they mentioned Islam in their blogs, at least it might "ruffle a few feathers" in the Guardinista Camp!

Anonymous said...

Mohammad Sidique Khan and the other three followed in the teachings of Muhammad.
Mohammad Sidique Khan and the other three committed an atrocity widely denounced.
All those who follow the teachings of Muhammad should be denounced.

That seems to be the argument being used against the EDL after the Norway attacks. It makes as little sense for the 7/7 attacks as it does for the Norway attacks.

Quiet_Man said...

It depends on which teachings they are following Fiatpete, the vast majority of Muslims don't follow all the tenets of Islam (thank God) but a large minority do and these are the one causing problems.

All Seeing Eye said...

Is anyone seriously surprised that (1) the DM is full of shite and (2) everyone is going to take this opportunity to put the boot into the EDL despite the utter lack of connection?

Thought not.

Waiting for the headline "Prime Minister Orders Crackdown" in 5..4..3..

JuliaM said...

Norwegian Police claim this morning that he has no links after all.

Mind you, with their 'revised estimates' of the death toll, and their claims that they were hunting a dangerous admirer of his, shortly followed by an admission that no, actually they weren't, who'd believe anything they said?

Anonymous said...

Well QM, the Daily Mail prints what it thinks its middle aged to elderly, not too bright, but "don't want the newsagent to think I read the Sun or the Star", pursed lipped, disapproving of everything, readers want to read.

No one takes anything it says particularly seriously. It's not like any of it is the truth.

BTW most Christians don't live by the tenets of the bible either, otherwise they'd have to be shooting crows when a woman stops menstruation and stoning adulterers.

And I'm pretty certain that nowhere in the bible does it even vaguely suggest that Jesus's priests will have to right to bugger the choirboys. In fact I'm pretty certain that it expressly forbids all that sort of stuff, but they do it anyway.

JuliaM. It seems that the Norwegian police, not even much used to violent crime, are badly prepared for this kind of event. I wonder, talking about believing things that they have reportedly said, if they are one the take from Rupert, like the English ones are?

Span Ows said...

I agree QM. One of the most disturbing things about the days following the outrage is the way it has been handled by the media. The DM wasn't alone, the Daily Telegraph also had similar headlines (i.e. 100% lies) that you would normal expect to see only in the Guardian and the BBC. Odd...not sure what's happening.

Fred Forsythe (not the) said...

Lies Damn Lies
Has Tommy Robinson spoken to the mad Norwegian? No, but If he had even sniffed the same air he would be vilified.
So where does that leave our spotless politicians that have cuddled up to Khadafy, Saddam, Mugabe, Bin Laden, Putin, Arafat and a whole host of violent terrorists. How does it reflect on the Blairs, Browns, Camerons, and Osbornes of this world that have spent half their lives on Russian drug dealer’s yachts?
Oh! Silly me that was their selfless way of trying to save 'British' ((ugh) I hate that word), lives.