Wednesday, June 22, 2011

You couldn't make it up.

I'm an engineer, I've done some daft things in my time going against the prevailing wisdom, following orders from the boss to the letter (and not the spirit) but I've always managed to avoid making a complete laughing stock of myself.

Council bosses have admitted scoring an "own goal" after a fence was built through the middle of football goalposts in a park in York.
The new fencing was installed at a cost of £6,000 on playing fields in Heworth.
It was erected before £37,000 worth of new play equipment is phased in at the park over the next few weeks.
Dave Meigh, City of York Council's head of parks and open spaces, said: "We recognise that the failure to relocate the goalposts is a real own goal."
It has left local people who use the park to play football confused.
Mr Meigh said the council had asked the contractors to "resolve the issue as a matter of urgency and can only apologise for the error".

Spot the slight problem?

Truly a situation that mobile phones were made for, I mean what the hell were the contractors thinking? Nobody comes out looking that great from this, not the workers, the contracting firm or the council itself for not having any sort of oversight or input.
Made me smile though.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, first laugh I've had all day. Thanks

winston said...

A game of two halfs ?

JuliaM said...

What were they thinking? Well, clearly, they weren't thinking at all!

James Higham said...

Mind truly boggles when seeing that sort of thing. No concept of checking back with the boss?

Anonymous said...

Pretty good wall the defence has put up....

I'll get my coat.