Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not enough details

The BBC report that 10 men have been arrested in raids for child grooming offences. This is on top of arrests elsewhere in Rochdale (11 so far) and even today one of the men involved in the disappearance of Charlene Downes.
Yet (not so very) strangely enough the BBC are very coy about the identity of the men involved. As the two other cases were of Pakistani Muslims and not generic Asians as the BBC and the MSM like to tar anyone from the East whilst conveniently ignoring/insulting the Chinese and other oriental types who are also technically Asians.

Ten men have been arrested in police raids in Manchester and Derbyshire as part of a major investigation into the sexual exploitation of children.
Officers have spoken to more than 30 girls in one of the largest inquiries carried out by Greater Manchester Police's Major Incident Team.
Some are victims and others are witnesses, a police spokesman said.
Girls from Stockport are said to have been given drink and drugs and taken to sex parties in Manchester and Salford.
Men, aged in their late teens to late 20s, were arrested in Cheetham Hill, Fallowfield, Levenshulme, Moss Side, Chorlton-on-Medlock and Woodhouse Park.
One man was also arrested in Buxton, Derbyshire.
Mr Sweeney said the raids built on earlier arrests in Rochdale and Bury, following a three to four month police investigation.
He added that he anticipated further arrests.
 Not one hint of who or what they are bearing in mind that the Rochdale and Bury arrests were of Pakistani Muslim males. This is the BBC at its multicultural best deliberately concealing the fact that there is a problem within a certain community and the closest they will ever come to describing it is in calling the people involved "Asian"
In fact most of the MSM are similarly coy, though the Telegraph does give a very broad hint.
Terry Sweeney, assistant chief constable of Greater Manchester Police, said the force was now “fully prepared” to acknowledge the issue of ethnicity.
However, he emphasized that on this occasion the alleged perpetrators were a mix of Asian and white men.
Ah, there's that "Asian" again and I wonder what kind of mix, though I suspect predominantly "Asian" will be the next startling revelation. You can bet your bottom dollar that if they were all white English males we'd know about it if only to deflect the criticism of the Muslim community and its vile religion of peace which permits the attitude that all non Muslim women are easy meat and there for the taking and exploitation of.
Yet the BBC and the rest of the MSM keep down this path of flogging a dead horse with the term "Asian" which most of us now read as "Pakistani Muslim" or more often than not just Muslim despite the fact they come in all colours as it isn't a racial thing.
It would be nice to see the media be a bit more forthcoming about this problem which has been known about for years yet brushed under the carpet in the name of community cohesion. Until then we'll have to put up with the "men of no appearance" mona's being foisted upon us to try and keep us in the dark about the extent of the UK's real racial/religious crimes.

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DerekP said...

Well the Beeb agenda is very clear nowadays - they are widely recognised as a propaganda organisation, not a news provider.

Pinch of salt with your Beeb, sir?
Leave the shaker?
Of course, sir.

Also, as we know senior police have been politicised enough to know how to bend words, I'm curious at this copper's emphasis and wonder if any of these 'white men' were muslim?

andy said...

As you say,the truth about the BBC is now so well known that they just get less credible every day,i refuse to even watch the BBC any more because the left wing,multi cultural bias is just so blatant, and that I`m forced by law to pay for this shit makes me grind my teeth in fury.

microdave said...

Julia M would refer to them as "MONA" i.e. Men Of No Appearance...

Anonymous said...

If you don't watch TV as it is broadcast, you don't need a TV licence. I stopped mine when the signal went digital around here.

Of course that doesn't altogether stop our money going to the Beeb - it gets money from the government directly, and also indirectly via the EU.

Still "every little helps"!

DerekP said...

You also need a licence if you record TV as it is broadcast.

However, TVL have been influencing magistrates into thinking that if you even have a tv (e.g for watching DVDs) then a licence is necessary - which is not true.

If you, in good faith, allow the TVL people to examine your tv to show your tv is untuned and not connected to an aerial they will try to tune your tv, and such is the quality of tuners nowadays that the tuner can often pick up a grainy picture on one or two channels even without an aerial. TVL will use this as 'evidence' and try to prosecute. This may well work with naive magistrates and the verdict may go to TVL.

In my opinion, to resolve this you need to:
- be willing to appeal
- have a video recording of the complete visit with the 'test'
- do not acknowledge, agree with, or sign any statement from TVL.