Monday, June 20, 2011

No sympathy

Expecting sympathy when you're an illegal immigrant being extradited is only going to come from certain quarters, mostly the idiot left and human rights lawyers who see a chance of making some money particularly when the immigrant is desperate enough to do this...

The man is receiving treatment in hospital after the Virgin Atlantic flight from London Gatwick to Kingston, Jamaica, was postponed.
A UK Border Agency spokesman said an investigation was being launched into how the man was able to inflict the ''superficial injuries'' on himself.
Passengers, who watched in in horror as the incident took place, have been offered counselling by the airline.
Emergency services prevented more serious injury by "gluing" his throat together, a source said.
A spokeswoman for the airline said: "Virgin Atlantic confirms that flight VS69 from London Gatwick to Kingston has been delayed until 12.45 on June 21 following a passenger incident.
"The aircraft which was due to depart at 12.45 on June 20 was met by the relevant authorities and the passenger was taken to hospital for treatment.
"The safety and welfare of our crew and passengers is Virgin Atlantic's top priority. Virgin Atlantic is cooperating with the authorities in their investigation of the incident and is offering counselling support to passengers and crew.
"All passengers on board the plane have been provided with hotel accommodation, refreshments and meals until the flight departs tomorrow. Any passengers who wish to change their flights will be able to do so."
I do hope once his injuries are temporarily repaired enough to travel that he's put back on the next plane preferably in chains. Hopefully the enquiry will also be able to take place in his absence too.
The last thing we really need in this country (actually there's a load of last things but bear with me) are illegal immigrants trying to blackmail the authorities by using self inflicted injuries to prevent deportation, even on the plane itself.
Particularly when it's only a flesh wound...

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English Pensioner said...

I bet somehow he manages to stay here; certainly we won't get round to deporting him until his human rights have been investigated.