Sunday, May 29, 2011

One hell of a day

I'm very tired today, some of that is because I worked a 12 hour nightshift last night and have just started a second one tonight (yes if it's quiet I can blog from work) mostly it has to do with not getting enough sleep. I got home this morning to an unwelcome surprise, my dog had been having a bout of sickness and diarrhoea and naturally had created a bit of a stink and this took some time clearing up as well as disinfecting the areas covered along with myself. The dog other than appearing a bit sheepish seemed ok so I went to bed only to be woken up by Lady QM after 3 hours to tell me the poor mutt was passing blood. Fortunately we have a good vet, unfortunately we had to go to the alternate surgery which took some time and after an examination and some blood tests along with him being put on a drip we were told he had to go to doggy hospital (the PDSA) as in his poo was evidence of intestinal flesh. This had by then set us back £300.
We then had to transport a confused dog, his leg in plaster to hold the drip in, to the doggy hospital which was on the other side of town only to be told he would be in till Tuesday and could they have a £200 deposit, oh and by the way if we have to operate the price could go up to £1700.
Well thank God for pet insurance, though we still have to find the up front money first. Besides other than having an otherwise healthy 5 year old dog put down what else were we to do?
By the time we got home, I only had time for a 1 hour catnap before heading into work hoping that it would be quiet tonight because of the bank holiday tomorrow. No such luck...
I'll get through tonight on extra strong coffee and the hope that nothing requiring logical thought is required.
The one thing I will note, is that paying for treatment means you get the treatment there and then, same day, no waiting lists, no real queues, no fuss, just the feeling you're paying through the nose even if you'll get it back. Wouldn't mind a bit if the NHS was the same.
Lucky dog.
Coal and Lady QM

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