Friday, April 1, 2011

Single nation my....

What is it with idiots in government who are trying to persuade us that there is a British nation? Usually it's aimed at the English as they pretty much know what the response from the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish will be though they are now finding it harder and harder to persuade the English that they are anything other than English.

Britons need to see themselves as a single nation, says Security Minister.
It is not enough for Muslims to “rub along” without breaking the law, they must be persuaded that their long-term future lies in Britain, the Security Minister has said.
OK, first things first, Muslims see themselves as Muslims first and last, it's part of the problem they have in integrating. Asian Muslims especially given the tribal nature of their ethnic groups also have a very difficult job in seeing beyond the boundaries of their family/tribe to the good of the nation in general, it's called amoral familism and it's a cancer which can drag a nation down into a multitude of warring factions, it's highly prevalent in the Muslim world and it's something they've been allowed to get away with over here in the name of multiculturalism.
Baroness Neville-Jones told the Daily Telegraph that that at the same time the government need to persuade the majority of the population that the UK is a single nation.
I'm English, not British, the only thing British about me is my passport and I'd change that if I could. Sots, Welsh and Northern Irish (to some extent) are the same. We no longer like to be called British, because we aren't.
“I think it’s a common experience now that we know less about each other than we used to and I think there’s a very strong feeling that we need to understand each other and we need to be working together as a nation,” Lady Neville-Jones added.
“[We are] trying to convince minorities in this country that they actually do have a long term future here and that it’s their country as much as anybody else’s,” she said in an interview.
It is also important to “convince the majority population we are a single nation,” she added.
 We know less than we used too because previous governments allowed certain (religious) groups to keep themselves separate and not integrate. They also refuse to interact now as they believe we should integrate with them and not vice versa. If they wont integrate I'm sorry but they don't have a long term future here, because eventually they'll push too hard with something like Shariah law and they'll be expelled and because they wont integrate we'll know exactly where to find them.
Lady Neville-Jones will also say that those on the “right-wing extremist fringe” who argue that the West and Islam are “eternally irreconcilable” have “more in common with the Islamist extremists than they might like to think.”
So the right blow up tubes, fly planes into buildings, bomb buses, try to drive cars packed with explosives wrapped in nails into airports, burn poppies and abuse our soldiers for simply doing their jobs?
Somehow I don't think so.
She will also say that individuals who are on the path to radicalisation do not exist in a vacuum.
“They live in neighbourhoods, they meet friends and family, they use shops and businesses, and they come into contact with local public sector workers such as teachers, nurses or community police officers who may be well placed, especially if trained, to notice changes in behaviour,” she will say in a speech at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Hasn't worked too well so far, the Swedish bomber came from Luton, was (supposedly) expelled from his mosque for being a radical and even his Mrs didn't notice anything out of the ordinary other than he hated the country that had given him a home, but that it seems is normal for Islamists, many of whom have families that fled Islamic oppression and poverty only to end up with it following them and trying to turn the nations of the west into the same kind of intolerant shitholes they tried to escape.

So no, were not a single British nation, we might have technically been before devolution, but now we're a lot of nations trying to get on together with a major exception of one group who can't it seems get on with anyone, not even itself. The solution is obvious, but I doubt anyone in government will have the balls to express it. They integrate fully with us or they are asked politely to leave, we can tag on an "or else" if they won't politely leave.

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WitteringsfromWitney said...

Damn, this was on my list for a post QM! Still cannot fault your analysis - well said!

Anonymous said...

"it’s their country as much as anybody else’s,” she said in an interview".
Go live in any country in Asia and try claiming that the country is as much yours as theirs.
These are treacherous International Socialists bent on wrecking the Western World. In many countries, the populations are trying to overturn their governments and we need to do the same--pronto.