Monday, April 18, 2011

One law for some...

The moron who burned the poppies at the Remembrance Day service gets a £50 fine and outraged a nation.

Emdadur Choudhury Islamic scumbag
London Evening Standard
The Prime Minister told the Commons that a "stronger statement" should have been made to show public disgust at the man's action.
"I think to many of us, you look at something like that and feel that we should be making a stronger statement that the sort of behaviour is out of order and has no place in a tolerant country," he said.
Now a guy who burns a Koran in protest gets a 70 day prison sentence.

Cumberland News.
A man who burned a copy of the Koran in Carlisle city centre was today jailed for 70 days.

Andrew Ryan, 32, of Summerhill, off London Road, was accompanied to Carlisle Magistrates' Court by supporters carrying a St George's Cross flag who were chanting "We love you England".

Ryan had pleaded guilty to racially aggravated harrassment and theft of the Koran holy book from Carlisle Library at an earlier hearing.
Ok it wasn't his Koran, he stole/borrowed it from the library, however that normally involves just a fine not a custodial sentence, but 70 days for outraging Muslims whilst the moron who burned a poppy and outraged the nation gets only a £50 fine?
The word disproportionate seems to apply here. After all if some idiot artist can put on display a bible to be defaced and has nothing done to them. this guy should surely have expected the same, save I suppose that he didn't call it art.
I suspect Andrew Ryan  will end up a hero in some quarters, despite the theft, I have to admit I don't like the idea of burning books, but I have never felt so close to burning a Koran as I've done this afternoon, sadly though I now know the cost of freedom of expression and that's 70 days in jail.

George Orwell, Animal Farm Chapter 10.

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Anonymous said...

"racially aggravated harrasment" I sadly understand the hatred the political class has for the ordinary people of this country. What I cannot understand is the boneheaded magistrates who can convict this man on this charge!! Islam is not a Race. End of story, case dismissed. But no we dont actually have a law against burning the Koran, but a little thing like that doesn't stop our PC Masters does it! Surely to God if people support this man it would be possible to find a half decent Barrister who would run rings arounf the establishment twats who supported this nasty littele prosecution!!

William said...

Sad to say I currently reside within the line in a map which denotes 'Cumbria' and it comes as no surprise to see this man dealt with so harshly.
He is the 'wrong sort' you see. He is the 'sort' the gubmint and its sycophantic MSM want the 'normal slaves to be linked with the bogus idea that he is the kind of person who would prevail should England become free.

Carlisle as the capital of a county which plays the deprivation card at every single opportunity usually to suck in some EU funding for some brainless waste of money a brainless councillor or 'corporate director' has dreamt up.
Eddie Martin is lead councillor for now and his personal vow is to alleviate poverty in Cumbria which further enhances the lie that the county is on the bones of its arse.

So with a deluded county, a deluded government and goodly dose of Common Purpose thrown into the mix Cumbria is an ideal place to foster the scare that all the people who want a free England will burn Korans, even borrowed Korans!

Andy Baxter said...

it galls me when one considers that Emdadur Choudhury, the Muslim extremist who was found guilty of burning poppies on Armistice Day was fined £50 for an offence under the Public Order Act, And he went on to say “This fine, I will wear it as a badge on my shoulder. I did it for Allah”.

But what makes me want to retch is the fact that this scumbag Choudhury happily accepts £792 in monthly benefits from the very State he so despises.

Its a travesty especially when one considers the maximum penalty he could have been served with was a £1,000 fine under the Public Order Act.

token gestures of appeasement from comic magistrates.....dontcha just luv the Britain of today!!

Edwin Greenwood said...

Arguably he didn't even steal the book from the library. He booked it out on a library ticket in the normal way. It was destroyed while in his possession, so he is liable to compensate the library for the cost of replacement, but I don't think that counts as theft.

WitteringsfromWitney said...

Methinks you miss the point here QM - Not heard of the unlevel playing field called equality and diversity?

EG highlights this most brilliantly!

William said...

Now I discover that the 'judge' was District Judge Mr Gerald Chalk. In other words a full time magistrate not a judge at all!
He is the most pompous man in the Cumbrian justice system who delights in handing out severe sentences for minor offences.

“Defendants are there for a reason and you have to try to understand the underlying reasons why they have come before the court,” he said. “But nor should the victims be forgotten because that is why you’re looking at the offence."

What bloody victim?

Anonymous said...

I've just nicked this post and copied it to here::

Hope you don't mind too much ... thanks.

Quiet_Man said...

No problem, so long as you link back to here.

Anonymous said...

Certainly did.


Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Edwin Greenwood said...

Arguably he didn't even steal the book from the library. He booked it out on a library ticket in the normal way. It was destroyed while in his possession, so he is liable to compensate the library for the cost of replacement, but I don't think that counts as theft. XX

"Unlawfull aquisition of property belonging to another, with intent to permenantly deprive the owner thereof".

The intent to destroy the property, makes the manner in which it was obtained, illegal.

Therefore theft.

IF you can prove the intent was formed as he took the book from the library.

James Higham said...

QM, could you email me?

Andy said...

Just looking at the picture of that muslim man makes me feel violent,his very appearance is alien to me,it gets my blood up.

An intolerant,hostile,barbaric people who would consign MY culture to the scrapheap to please their savage death cult,they have no right to live among civilised people.

Does that make me a racist Nazi bigot?
because if it does I can live with that.

Self love is not so great a sin as self neglect.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Andy said...
Does that make me a racist Nazi bigot? XX

Hay, to these P.C commy scum, anything with views further "left wing" than Mother (fucking) Theresa is a "racist Nazi biggot", so aye, probably. But join the club. There are many of us.