Sunday, April 10, 2011

Non Jobs

When it comes to giving value for money, local councils have got to be at the bottom of the pile. Yes I know that some tasks they undertake are required by law whether they like it or not (food hygiene standards for one) but some of the things they get involved with just seem to be excuses to throw council tax payer (and taxpayers via government) cash at to increase their budgets for next year. That's part of the bureaucratic mindset of local authorities not necessarily the councillors, but of the chief executives and their minions down the ranks of the council itself.

Community Development & Equalities Officer - Tewkesbury; £24,646 to £26,276

Healthy walks co-ordinator - Forest of Dean; £14,733 to £15,444

Project support worker (Voice of My Own) - Scottish Borders, £19,024.64 to £21,135.84 pro rata (fixed term contract)

Family Lifestyles Officer - Rugby; £19,126 to £21,519 pro rata

Active villages co-ordinator - Teignbridge, £10,228;

Life Skills and Positive Activities Officer - Ryedale; £19,000 to £21,500 pro rata (fixed term contract)

Workplace travel plan coordinator - Havant; £20,198 to £22,221, part time, pro rata (fixed term contract)

Gypsy Romany Traveller Community Cohesion Officer - Herefordshire, £22,221 to £26,276

New media improvement assistant - Perth and Kinross; £16,086 to £17,587

Woodfuel development officer - West Sussex; £32,800 to £35,430  
Nice work if you can get it, but probably not something councils should be involved with and certainly areas in which savings could be made. You can practically be certain though that the jobs that will go are the ones of most value to the public, bin-men, nurses, policemen, road and street light repair crews. I very much doubt looking at that lot that the diversity co-ordinator brigades are quaking in their boots with the thought of impending redundancy because if they can still advertise for those types of jobs then the government clearly isn't getting to grips with waste spending. Though I am coming to the conclusion that the government isn't really in control of anything anymore and that civil servants at local and national levels are running rings around them and thwarting any attempts to rein in the bureaucracy. Perhaps the government should have opted for lopping off the top 3 layers of the civil service in all departments, oh I'm sure there would be screams about how much experience we'd be losing, but frankly I suspect it would actually improve things by allowing things to get done rather than obstructed. Certainly put the fear of God into the rest of them.
It's time and past time that the bureaucracy was trimmed in this country and the non jobs removed, but as with most governments, I'll not hold my breath on the chances of it ever happening if only because there's no incentive amongst the bureaucrats and ministers to actually do something about it.

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John M Ward said...

There are an awful lot of Common Purpose and other subversives now well embedded into (probably) every public body in the land. That was done mostly during the past couple of decades, and I have encountered some of it myself.

I also obtained FOI data specifically on Common Purpose "graduates" working at the local council, and have asked public questions about non-jobs at that council. I reported on both of these on my own 'blog at those times.

They are very strongly entrenched, and mostly hidden, and it will be a long time before the whole mess can be unravelled. Note that all the jobs being advertised are those below the level at which elected members can have a say, so no doubt the "right" kinds of people will be taken on, and the whole thing self-perpetuates.

The only solution would be a legal change to the role of councils to the point where they are no longer permitted to be involved in areas such as "active villages" and "diversity". I'm sure other ways would be found to replace those ways in, but hopefully those could be spotted easily and blocked.

At the bottom line, the plan is to demolish our society from within its institutions, making us ready for a so-called Socialist Revolution and being turned into a mini-USSR.