Sunday, April 3, 2011

English Heroes #9

An occasional series recording Englishmen, women and children who have done great things for themselves or others and reflected well on the country of their birth.

Step forward Private Daniel Hellings (19) from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, of the Mercian Regiment.

He was on patrol with Afghan soldiers in Helmand, southern Afghanistan, on September 7 last year when a bomb went off in the 10ft-wide alleyway in a village near their base.
Two troops were injured in the initial blast, one blinded and the second with severe leg wounds, and a third was wounded when he triggered another bomb just yards from Pte Hellings.
Pte Hellings was ordered to withdraw from the alley by his commander but the young soldier realised there was no time to find an alternative route to recover the casualties and volunteered to return to the task.
With his metal detector rendered all but useless because so much metallic debris lay on the ground, he carried out an hour-long fingertip search for further IEDs. 
One hidden bomb he found had wires stretching the width of the alley, which would normally have prevented him going any further. But Pte Hellings knew that his injured comrades would almost certainly die if he waited for a bomb disposal team.
He disregarded the danger to himself and continued clearing the ground around the IEDs so he could reach the three casualties, giving them life-saving first aid and helping to evacuate them.
Pte Hellings, from Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, of the Mercian Regiment, was awarded the Queen's Gallantry Medal.
His citation said he "demonstrated a level of courage and ability far beyond that which could be expected of his age, rank and experience".
 A brave man and an example to those who put down the youth of today as being feckless wasters.
Daniel Hellings this blog salutes you, this country needs more fine people like you who are prepared to put your life on the line for your friends and country, you are a true Englishman.

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Bucko said...

Good man!

James Higham said...

Oh, there are good people about but they are just thinner on the ground these days, that's all.

Binton said...

Think what he would have got had he not been English

Daniel Hellings QGM said...

Wow thanks for the kind words, I haven't seen this before....thank you.