Friday, April 22, 2011

The bluebells of High Elms

I took Lady QM and the hairy hound off for one of our favourite walks today, it's not particularly long but at this time of year it has certain advantages. We go to High Elms country park (near Bromley) and walk a circular route up to the village of Downe and back to High Elms through Cuckoo Woods.
The walk at this time is notable for the apple blossoms in the orchards en route,
Wild apple tree
And up to one of my favourite pubs the "George and Dragon" in Downe for a pub lunch and a superb couple of pints of real ale.
The pub
Afterwards though we walk down to Cuckoo Woods and wander through shady woods looking at the ground as it's covered in bluebells.
Simply wonderful
Here, there and everywhere.
But it's not just the bluebells, there is spring everywhere and an abundance of colour in the leaves both green and the red of the copper beech.
Sheer vibrancy

Copper Beech
It's not a particularly long walk, but at this time of year it cannot be beaten, the dog even got to chase squirrels.

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