Monday, March 7, 2011

The silence of the Imam

Evolution, not everyone agrees with it, particularly those of a religious conviction, but it strikes me as a non religious type as being as good a theory as any, not perfect, but reasonable enough compared to say God creating the world in just 6 days 6000 years ago but taking the time to add fossil records dating back millions of years, still I suppose that's what you get if you have a perfectionist God, well the religious types think so anyway I guess.
Still most followers of a religion are pretty tolerant of us non religious types and our doubts and don't threaten us or their co religionists if they wander from the paths of orthodoxy, but, there are always a few...

An imam has retracted statements about evolution and the right of Muslim women not to cover their hair after death threats were made against him.
Dr Usama Hasan, a science lecturer, has voluntarily suspended his role in taking Friday prayers at Leyton Mosque in east London.
He said he went too far in the way he defended the theory of evolution.
He acknowledged many British Muslims believe in creationism, adding that he intended only to begin a debate.
Yes, you guessed it, it's our friends in the religion of peace trying to stifle debate (again) and yes I know Christian fundamentalists in the USA could no doubt give them a run for their money, though admittedly they usually don't carry out their death threats unlike Islamists.
Now in most areas I'm not bothered by what people believe, some people live in their own little fantasy worlds for a good deal of their lives anyway, politicians and those who believe that the state owes them a living for example. I do believe though that any belief system has the right to be challenged and yes that does include evolution and most certainly includes creationism. I also believe that most belief systems are robust enough to handle criticism and can certainly give you a damned good run for your money when it comes to debates. I don't even mind if the debate eventually falls back on insults and slander, it's not pleasant but some people can't handle not winning a debate, I usually take it as I've won if someone has to descend to abuse, though I am prepared to dish it out if they start first.
Where I do draw the line though is death threats and Islam has a history of trying to stifle any sort of criticism over the centuries by threatening, bullying and killing any and all who dare to even mildly criticise anything to do with it. Take a look at the murders in Pakistan over its blasphemy laws where individuals have taken it upon themselves to murder any who said "hang on this isn't right".
So, again the adherents of the religion of peace show their true colours, believe as we believe or die. Personally I don't believe there's a place in the UK for people who  think like that, but that just makes me a racist or fascist or Islamophobe for saying so in some peoples eyes. The tide however is turning and peoples tolerance of the intolerant is being strained to its limits, something will snap eventually and it wont be pleasant when it does. I foresee interesting times ahead.

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JuliaM said...

"...and Islam has a history of trying to stifle any sort of criticism over the centuries by threatening, bullying and killing any and all who dare to even mildly criticise anything to do with it."

I'm waiting for Dawkins and all the other aggressive atheists to wade in and begin berating Muslims their way they sneeringly berate Christians.

I'm going to be waiting in vain, aren't I?

Anonymous said...

For someone so "English and proud" your grasp of English syntax is embarrassing.

Quiet_Man said...

For someone so critical your anonymity suggests that you're just a troll.