Thursday, March 17, 2011


Playing the racist card, something that many on the left and certain sub groups are known for to try and divert attention away from something that is being criticised or speculated on in an ethnic or religious sub group, essentially it's a debate stopper used to shut down debate. Yet it's always fun to turn the tables and shine its light on some member of the righteous who comes up with something so outrageous yet can't see just how hypocritical they are for doing so..

A Labour shadow minister was last night facing calls for her dismissal after she was recorded saying that the Government "don't want Muslims living in central London". 
Ms Buck's comments were made at a public meeting in Islington. Sharing a platform with local MPs, Ms Buck suggested that planned cuts to housing benefit were politically motivated to force poor, ethnic minority and Muslim families out of the centre of London.
She said: "[The Government] do not want lower-income women, families, children and, above all, let us be very clear – because we also know where the impact is hitting – they don't want black women, they don't want ethnic minority women and they don't want Muslim women living in central London.
And what about the poor whites also living in London being hit by these measures? Well we don't know as Ms Buck seems to be concentrating on Labours pets, but it does seem to be somewhat hypocritical of Ms Buck to be accusing the government of racism when they are hitting everyone equally. Or does equality only count for black and ethnic minority women and Muslims these days whilst the rest of us can simply get on with being oppressed?
Now I can see exactly why the government has decided to limit housing benefit to £400 a week for the largest homes and £290 a week for two-bed flats, I may not agree with the figures, but I do see the point of putting a cap on the payments, we've basically run out of money and savings have to be made. This is an area they've looked at and that's what they decided to do and I somehow doubt that anyone in on the decision would have even thought that this is a good way to get at black, ethnic minority women as well as Muslims, nor do I expect they thought this would be a way to get at white people either, only an idiot would think otherwise and only an imbecile would announce what they thought to the world and as an average Labour MP, Ms Buck matches both points quite adequately.
There are calls for Ms Buck to be sacked, but if I were in the government, I'd say nothing, a loose cannon like Ms Buck in the Labour front benches is a gift from God simply because she's swallowed whole the guff that somehow ethnics are far more important than the indigenous and isn't afraid to say it or smart enough to qualify her statements. But she's clearly a racist for saying what she said, even if many on the left don't think you can be racist if you're defending ethnics, but Ms Buck clearly thinks that poor white people should be forced out of London whilst poor black, ethnic minority women and Muslims should be paid more to stay. Or that's how it reads to me anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Oh well I suppose that's Mohamed al Faheid packing his bags then ,along with the oil sheiks rich businesmen etc.

Suprise suprise, she's a member of Ken Livingstones mayoral election team,well I never !

A cynical ploy to get the muslim vote ?
Very likely !