Friday, March 11, 2011

I'll take my chances

Seems every year now we get some sort of health scare, not just the get your flu jabs kind, but a potential pandemic plague of biblical proportions. It's reached the stage where after the super flu and the bird flu along with swine flu people are just shrugging their shoulders and wondering what all the fuss is about.

ONLY worldwide mass vaccinations can prevent a possible deadly flu pandemic, experts warned yesterday. People under 50 are at risk of the H2N2 strain – similar to the H1N1 swine flu virus that struck fear across the world in 2009.
Four million people are thought to have died in the last devastating global outbreak of the H2N2 bug in the 1950s and 1960s. A vaccine was produced but the jabs programme was stopped in the late 1960s. It means older people may still be protected but younger people will be at risk because they missed out on the doses. The virus is still present today among birds and swine. Dr Gary Nabel, of the US Vaccine Research Centre in Maryland, said: “Our study suggests people under 50 have little or no immunity.

“Resistance also dramatically increases for those older than 50.” He added: “One approach would be to manufacture the vaccine produced in 1957 and immunise enough of the world’s population to provide ‘herd immunity’ to the rest.”
I probably won't bother, this is of course my choice and I don't have a problem with anyone else getting the jabs, though I'm highly suspicious at the death tolls and scaremongering that has gone on with the various non-existent (it seems) pandemics that  have the various news agencies, doctors and politicians up in arms every year. I'm even at the stage now where I think that these scares are simply a way to try and keep the population living in a state of fear as well as lining the pockets of big drug companies, you can only take so much hype after all and this no longer pushes any buttons of mine, not that it ever has.
Over the years I've become so jaded with various official and MSM announcements about things I should fear that I'm probably in grave danger of risk if something really dangerous comes along, simply because I won't believe them, such has been their effect on my life. I'm not quite at the stage where I'd go out and spot check any politician who tells me the sun will rise in the East, but it's getting close and I'm certainly at the stage where I'd be trying to figure out his angle in telling me. Those in authority and to a certain extent the MSM have by their lies and their general obfuscation and unwillingness to make any statement without various caveats and conditions have lost the confidence and trust of the people they are supposed to be representing. Multi-culturalism, global warming, the EU, immigration, foreign wars, all lied about, all defended to the point of idiocy and still being rammed down our throats as if they are sacred cows to be defended at all costs. It strikes me that in many issues the general public are way ahead of the righteous, certainly in common sense at any rate. Yet at the back of my mind there is the fear that all their machinations might just leave a Pandora's box open one day because we wont believe a word they say which is just another reason to despise them, even if it will be too late.
I'll take my chances with H2N2, I'm over 50 after all, but I am so tired of all the scare stories, the problem is they don't scare any more, they're mostly just sensationalised. So I'll take my chances and just hope that if something really nasty comes along I'll recognise it and do something about it, I'm probably statistically pushing my luck, but I'm definitely not alone.

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William said...

The days of believing men in white coats is long gone. Mainly due it has to be said to the AGW scammers.

Every cloud really does have a silver lining.

subrosa said...

No you're not alone. Count me in too.

JuliaM said...

"I'm even at the stage now where I think that these scares are simply a way to try and keep the population living in a state of fear as well as lining the pockets of big drug companies..."

Sensible, since that's EXACTLY what they are.

Anonymous said...


I couldn't agree more with your analysis but the purpose of creating a perpetual state of fear is far more sinister.

I firmly believe that the scare stories especially about health combined with the deliberate dumbing down of our edcuational standards is designed to create what Orwell called the proles, a huge seething mass of population that can be easily controlled by whipping up into frenzies with self righteous indignation on the one hand and cowed into submission with fear on the the other....

the flu jab and other health scares are about profit for the drug corporations in the short term but ultimately in the long term about cowing and creating a submissive general population into compliance....with the eventual aim of eventual innoculation of something far more sinister and lethal.

HIV AIDS is a good case in point; The US govt sponsored (via WHO) a massive innoculation programme supposedly against small pox in the early 1970's in Africa, Brazil, Haiti, Phillipines, Japan, and parts of the USA as well as a massive innoculation programme on Hepatitis targeted at the homosexual communities in San Franciso and New York later in the decade.

in every case where these innocualtion programmes occured there were massive multiple incident outbreaks of what later became identified as HIV/AIDS all within 12-18 months of innoculation.

the facts about HIV/AIDS are terrifying; it is the only known virus in the world that has a lethality rate of 100%! even Ebola which has the potential to be a species killer only has a lethality rate of around 90% after all naturally occuring organisms such as natural viruses wouldn't want to make themselves extinct would they? what Darwinian purpose would that serve?

HIV/AIDS is on analysis suspiciously similar to a manufactured virus; it has three different types of species virus, bovine TB(BLV) Sheep Visna Virus and human Herpes virus.

HIV/AIDS is officially classed as a "recombinant retrovirus" what that means for the non techies is that simply put the virus can mutate to a possible 354,294 to the power of 20 ZEROS different strains. there are currently 6 known strains in existence today.

And contrary to popular myth it not a STI. the virus is microscopically small in numbers in semen and is exactly half the size of the micropores found in condoms anyway! saliva is a far more potent carrier and blood the most highly infectious medium.

HIV/AIDS is a blood borne infection you've got far more likelihood of being infected by kissing someone with bleeding gums than you have of unrpotected vaginal intercourse.

so what we have are three species sepcific virus supposedly "naturally bonding" to create a 100% lethal virus in humans.

background info on HIV/AIDS

another intersting fact about HIV/AIDS is the alleged National security memo in the late 1960's that Henry Kissinger signed known as NSM200 which stated that the highest priority of the US administration towards the third world should be one of depopulation!

in 1969 and this is in the US Senate Library is record of a Senate Appropriations committe hearing where the US Army applied for and got a $10million grant to and I quote "develop a synthetic biological agent that would impair or destroy the human immune system"

interesting huh?

TPB collect statistics on how many respond to the scares and these scares are the dry runs....

I for one will NEVER EVER accept a government sponsored innocualtion programme....EVER

forget AGW, forget oil running out, forget all the other scare stories spoon fed to a compliant MSM

over population is the BIGGEST threat to humanity but fear not a Government near you is doing something about it.....

English Pensioner said...

I seem to remember that in the nineties there was going to be an AIDS epidemic and millions were going to be affected as it spread amongst both the homosexual and heterosexual communities. A few years later, huge numbers were going to die as a result of getting BSE (mad cow disease). And then, millions were going to die last year of swine flu, although less actually died than from the normal seasonal flue, where incidentally, I've never seen any figures regarding the reported side effect of the vaccination, neurological problems.
I'm interested in Family History, and my research has shown that every member of my family on both my mother's and father's sides, (uncles, aunts, cousins, grand parents, great aunts & uncles, etc) who were alive at the time of the Spanish Flue epidemic in 1919/20, survived, so I've decided to rely on my genes!

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Anonymous said...

it is the only known virus in the world that has a lethality rate of 100%! XX

Bollox! NO one has EVER died from HIV/AIDS, and so what if they did? People can live YEARS, DECADES(!) with the virus. Hardly an "efficiant weapons system".

By your logic, my "milk theory" becomes valid;

"100% of people that die, have drunk milk, or consumed a milk product in their life (You could even put "within the last 24 hours of their life" here). Therefore milk is deadly".

Anonymous said...


what a fascetious argument you subscribe to!

HIV/AIDS IS 100% lethal, every one infected with it suffers an impairment and eventual failure of their immune system resulting in contracting minor infections that kill, but that would otherwise be short term illness in healthy individuals.

so to satisfy your pedantic mindset I concede that technically infected individuals do not die of HIV/AIDS but the virus is responsible for preventing their immune system from fighting otherwise benign bacterial and virus infections.

Milk! FFS, DOH! even Homer Simpson could see the ludicrous mindset of that argument.

FACT: millions of Children in the (especially third) world today are born already infected with the virus (from parents infected) who in most cases die before reaching puberty (ergo ability to reproduce) and even those that do survive longer progenate a further generation already infected impacting hugely on demographics.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"I'm probably in grave danger of risk if something really dangerous comes along, simply because I won't believe them."

Apparently this is why relatively many older people died in the New Orleans flood. They simply refused to believe all the Warnings Of Impending Doom because the last seventy-two times had turned out to be false alarms.

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX Anonymous said...


what a fascetious argument you subscribe to!

HIV/AIDS IS 100% lethal,XX

No it is not.

NO one has EVER snuffed it from HIV/AIDS.

Any more than someone who dies from an infected wound on the toe was killed by the origional Atheletes foot that caused it.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Milk! FFS, DOH! even Homer Simpson could see the ludicrous mindset of that argument. XX

Glad you could see it as so. Because it was to illustrate how fucking ridiculous YOUR idea is, that HIV/AIDS kills people.

Anonymous said...

what planet do you live on Furor...obviously not this one!

nor are you seemingly capable of rational thought,

for the record am I to understand that you are stating quite unequivocably that HIV/AIDS does not exist? that it does not impair infected peoples immune systems and that their life expectancy reduces considerably so due to repeated infections that eventually kill them?

is that what your stating? if so..... dear oh dear oh dear.....

deluded irrational in denial or maybe just not on this planet lol

Furor Teutonicus said...



TOTALY different thing.