Friday, March 25, 2011

I don't get expenses for this, why should they?

Seems our troughing MP's just can't resist having the taxpayers stump up for their perks and privileges.

TAXPAYERS will soon have to pay millions more to fund MPs’ expenses.
An anti-sleaze watchdog has agreed concessions with them, including allowing more to claim rent for a home in London.
Other changes include paying housing and travel costs for children over the age of five and raising staff budgets. MPs will also be able to use Parliamentary credit cards more to ease “cashflow’’ problems.
Officials would not say what the changes could cost but one said it would be “a very few million at most”.
The proposals by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority should take effect next month, the deadline MPs had given the body to reform or face an overhaul. MPs complained that the system put in place after the expenses scandal is too bureaucratic and leaves them thousands in the red.
Commons Leader Sir George Young welcomed the steps “towards a regime that better enabled MPs to do their jobs”.
My company wont pay travel costs for over fives and would laugh at me if I even tried, plus if I have cashflow problems, that's my concern, not theirs. It seems like the MP's were hell bent on fleecing us anyway as their threat to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority to overhaul it. Nor can I understand how an MP on at least £64,000 a year can be in the red. As for being better enabled MPs doing their jobs, well that's just bull anyway, they don't do their jobs, they rubber stamp EU legislation most of the time and drag us into pointless foreign wars whilst taxing us to the hilt to pay for their expenses, their bureaucracy and their imbecilic ideas on power generation.
I've been of the opinion now that MP's should whilst working in London stay in travelodge style accommodation and not be allowed to buy a second home on expenses, nor indeed furnish it at our expense. If I were to be working away from home by my company, they wouldn't do anything other than that anyway.
Seems as if our corrupt troughers really haven't a clue how the common people really live, or if they do, then don't give a toss about how their dipping into the public purse to fund their lavish lifestyles looks.
I just hope payback will be an utter bitch for them if or when we finally decide we've had enough.

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William said...

I'd heard a rumour they missed a few barrels of gunpowder in't cellars and it is as we speak being dried out ready for ... and then I woke up!

Andy Baxter said...

here here

phoenix said...

"A very few million at most"!
Sums up the value they put on our money.
£64k plus a couple of hundred thou expenses for sticking their hand up when their master so orders. A cardboad cutout could do that.
Now if I heard 646 jobs to disappear in Westminster I would say that the economy would be looking up.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's a very few million between friends eh?


I must remember that argument when I underpay my rates or my taxes.

"I only underpaid my tax bill by a very few thousand pounds, so please go away and forget about it."

I am sure it will work, aren't you?