Monday, March 21, 2011


I was canvassed yesterday by the Labour Party in Medway, they wanted to know my opinion on Cameron's cuts. They went away when I asked where the £4 trillion debt came from, but they did leave me with this.

I had to retrieve it from the recycling hence the poor quality

Now apart from the sheer hypocrisy of Labour having a go at anyone because they are having to rein back the budgets due to 13 years of ruinous overspending and economic incompetency there is the problem that the last Labour government left the Medway area in that they had been stinting the local budget by gerrymandering John M Ward a fellow blogger has the details on the hows and why's but it boiled down in the end to Medway being Tory and unlikely to become Labour hence the massive shortfalls in their local government funding being channelled to Labour strongholds. Labour seem to do spite very well, yet scream blue (or should that be red) murder when the economic reality of their idiocy comes home to roost.
All budgets everywhere are being cut, there is some attempted blackmail going on by local councils threatening to cut frontline services rather than the "diversity co-ordinator sector" simply to try and squeeze more money to keep their political pets happy. So Labour don't want "Cameron" to rob us of the police, perhaps if they hadn't spent us into penury we might yet keep them, assuming this isn't scaremongering of which I wouldn't put it past them either.

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microdave said...

I DO hope they come round here!!

malpas said...

There were elections in the last 13 odd years so the present state was oked by the population in general. That is democracy however dim.

John M Ward said...

I very good statement of the situation, QM, and thanks for the link to my post from last December.

Oh yes: they specialise in spite. I have been on the receiving end of that (in several forms) on numerous occasions...

As for the interim elections during the Labour years: Malpas is of course correct; and it just goes to show spin and scaremongering (two more Labour specialities!) can hide the reality from many electors.

It was really Gordon Brown taking over at the helm that started alarm bells ringing in many more minds, though not enough to achieve an overall majority last May. Next time...

Anonymous said...

Come off it - successive governments have turned a blind eye to institutionalised police laziness!

Police value for money has dwindled to zero whilst links with a long suffering public has degenerated into the allocation of crime numbers. As ordinary citizens find ways to cope without police, the Nation should benefit from an extensive cull and clearout.