Sunday, March 27, 2011


They're still tallying up the cost of yesterdays march in London, though I doubt it will be cheap, yet already a new set of protests are being planned.

Union leaders today vowed to continue campaigning against the Government's spending cuts amid mounting anger at the trouble makers who clashed with police and damaged stores and other buildings during a huge TUC demonstration.
A leading Labour politician described those involved in clashes in the West End as a "tiny minority of violent, parasitic unrepresentative hooligans", while London's Deputy Mayor said they were "fascist agitators".
I of course fully support their right to peaceful protest, what I don't condone is the hypocrisy of the left who have tried to get other marches by the EDL banned or stopped on the grounds of cost and created a minor media frenzy over it.

EDL supporters from across the UK and Europe converged on Luton, the Bedfordshire town that spawned the far-right movement.
Over 1,000 police including mounted officers and dog units were deployed to keep the two sides apart at a cost of £800,000.
Note, there was no violence at the EDL demo, nor has there been any violence at the previous 5 demo's Yet there are some local council members who want to stop the EDL from marching and are citing the cost of policing them as a case for doing so.

Birmingham Mail.
Selly Oak Labour MP Steve McCabe said it was time for Theresa May to use her powers to ban the march.
“I’ve not been in favour of a blanket ban on the EDL before but on this occasion I think it should be imposed,” he said.
“You have a group of people with a track record of violence on the same day as a local derby and we know football matches are a prime recruiting ground for the EDL.”
Joining him in his call was MP Khalid Mahmood (Lab, Perry Barr) who said if the Home Secretary did not ban the march, she should provide West Midlands Police with extra officers or cash.
I for one would wonder at the reaction from the TUC, Labour etc. if the government told the TUC you're banned because we can't afford to police you, I can just see that one going down a storm.
Marches might not change things but those who would seek to ban them should give pause and think, because it might be them next, certainly there is now a case for banning a TUC march similar to the one yesterday due to the cost and the violence, but I doubt you'll hear a squeak from the media or the left about doing so, which would of course show them to be major hypocrites if they try to get other marches banned simply on cost.

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Durotrigan said...

It was also interesting to 'see' that the media devoted no coverage at all to the EDL's totally peaceful demonstration in Blackpool yesterday. On this occasion, no thugs from the UAF or MDL were present to interrupt the EDL's call for the CPS to reopen the Charlene Downes case (the English girl seemingly raped, murdered and sold as kebab meat by a Muslim kebab shop owner). Charlene's family were present and hundreds of demonstrators turned out. A report with a video of speeches made at the demo can be accessed here:

James Higham said...

Scarcely same rule for all. So what's changed?