Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snowdrops of winter months

I love walking my dog at this time of year, particularly on the better days weather wise, though I do attempt at least to get him out every day. Today it was a trip to Eynsford in Kent in the Darenth valley, home to a Bird of Prey sanctuary and close to Lullingstone with its castle and Roman villa. It's a nice circular walk from Eynesford over the ridge down to the river at Lullingstone at any time of year and the dog does appreciate it, especially the river at the end which he leaps into with complete abandon.
We also ran across these...
Lots of snowdrops
Quite rare and known to be grabbed by passing wanderers for their own gardens it was a surprise to find it growing wild. A lot rarer now than Bluebells and about as rare as wild growing Primula's. A lovely find on a wonderful walk.

4 annotations:

Anonymous said...

Looks great QM,
Sorry to sound pedantic but is it not Lullingstone?

Anonymous said...

Saw snowdrops today Scottish Highlands.

Global warming.

Woodsy42 said...

Some wilder patches of our garden are smothered in them, there are even a few odd ones invading the lawn.

Quiet_Man said...

Yes Lullingstone, now corrected thanks.