Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fine? They're on benefits, what good's a fine going to be?

The scum who burned poppies and chanted hate during the Remembrance Parade in London were on trial today under Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986, sadly this only allows a fine, unlike Section 4 which allows up to 2 years jail time. The judge even told them they didn't have to turn up for sentencing. The accused even left the building at one stage to go and scream abuse at members of the EDL who were protesting outside about the leniency of the charges.

TWO Muslims hardliners accused of burning poppies during a Remembrance Day parade were told last night they will not be jailed.
Mohammed Haque and Emdadur Choudhury were said to have set fire to the plastic effigies after the two-minute silence was observed.
Haque, 30, and Choudhury, 26, left onlookers outraged at the gesture, made as members of the armed forces marched by. They were part of an Islamic ­protest group who shouted abusive slogans such as “British soldiers – burn in hell”.
During the lunch break in the trial at Belmarsh Magistrates’ Court, south London, yesterday, Choudhury and Haque joined supporters from the Islamic group Muslims Against Crusades. Choudhury was photographed screaming abuse and pointing during heated exchanges with rival protesters from the English Defence League. But as their trial was adjourned yesterday, they were told they would escape being jailed, even if found guilty. Judge Howard Riddle said: “If convicted, the maximum penalty will be a fine and there is the possibility of costs.”
Now as these scum are claiming benefits and are unemployed (and probably unemployable) all that the judge is going to do is rob Peter to pay Paul, yes they'll be a little worse off, but the money itself will just be transferred from one government account to another. Doesn't strike me as being particularly fair, but it's the same for any case with a person on benefits who gets fined. Strikes me that we're doing something wrong there, wonder if bringing back the stocks might work...
Oh and as these people cannot cope with ridicule, here courtesy of the EDL is a photoshopped picture just to make you smile (or not if you're Mohammed Haque and Emdadur Choudhury)

May they burn in hell.

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Anonymous said...

Can'y quite make out the title of that mag..Is it 'Playboy' or 'Pigboy'?

WitteringsfromWitney said...

A: And I bet he had a damn good look to make sure there was nothing anti-Islamic in it!

QM: Yet another damn good, well said post!

James Higham said...

They will burn in hell but in this world, they'll be feted and lauded.

JuliaM said...

"The judge even told them they didn't have to turn up for sentencing."

The great British justice system, folks...

In the states, they'd have been dragged to the court in manacles.

microdave said...

"May they burn in hell"
That might not be slow enough. I'm thinking of Rowan Atkinson's "I am the Devil" sketch

"Ah yes, you're the lot who used to kill whales. I've got some strips to tear off you bastards"

Arsonista said...

Should've let 2 para police the demo.