Thursday, January 6, 2011


We have a few jobsworths in this country, people who will make life for others that bit more intolerable by a petty adherence to the rules often flying in the face of common sense, complete with a self righteous attitude to the general public whilst doing it.
Slightly tarnishing the soul of all they come into, I had generally thought it to be a mostly British thing, though a few run ins with bureaucracies over the years in foreign climes left me in no doubt that it was fairly prevalent abroad held only in check by the fact that the natives were far more volatile and likely to make life just as hard for the bureaucrat if pushed too hard.
This however was a wonderful example of workers getting on with a job in the face of an utter lack of common sense...

A WOMAN was left high and dry after road workers dug up a car-park around her motor.
Iza Konieczna 26, returned to her car in Poznan, Poland to find it marooned on its very own tarmac island.

The Polish men at work pushed on with their digging despite Miss Konieczna's red hatchback blocking the way. 

Miss Konieczna told the Austrian Times:  "It was unbelievable.  At first I thought there had been a landslide until I saw the diggers which had been moved up the road."

The woman driver slipped into the slot for a two hour stay.

She said: "It had been a car park when I parked there and there were no signs warning you not to park."

But a spokesman for government highway repairs explained: "The team was in a hurry and we couldn't wait for her to get back."
No wonder the Polish workers fit right in here, it takes a certain type of mind to "go for it" no matter  what common sense would tell you.

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Groompy Tom said...

What the? That's just too funny!

James Higham said...

It had been a car park when I parked there ...

Love it.