Friday, January 14, 2011

The fascist left

On paper it sounds great and a lot of politicians including David Cameron put their names as support, however over the years it has become more and more apparent that Unite Against Fascism and their political master the Socialist Workers Party are a cancer on the body politic and those who wish for freedom and free speech. That's not to say that I oppose those who wish to protest, just not those who would attempt by violent means to silence their opponents. Which is exactly what Unite Against Fascism Freedom are about...

Members of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) waited for British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin to arrive at the Frontline club in Paddington where he was due to hold a Q&A session on the documentary film 'The Battle of Barking'.
He arrived promptly at 1900 hours at which point many people ran towards him shouting 'GET HIM!!'
Mr. Griffin's security detail protected him with one spectacular scuffle in the street. They also used some sort of spray ink, which got one cameraman and one protester in the face.
Numerous police rushed to the scene.

I don't like the BNP myself, but as a legitimate political party they have the right particularly as two of their members are MEP's to meet and discuss things with their constituents.Griffin was speaking to people who wanted to hear him. He broke NO law and the Police should have protected his right to free speech, they didn't. As much as I detest Griffin, his party leadership and what they stand for they have the democratic right to hold view's that the great majority of this country find abhorrent and he has the right to voice his opinion as others have the right to hear them it is called freedom of speech. How can I oppose griffin if I am not allowed to hear what he has to say. This is the true danger of the UAF, they have stopped me hearing what he had to say so this morning I could not comment had I so desired and there was a strong possibility that my comments would not have been favourable. So instead of a blow for democracy the UAF have furthered the cause of fascism and again allowed the BNP to claim victim status as they were able to do on Question Time.
The UAF are also the same group who accuse the EDL of violence, yet actions like this reveal the UAF for what they are, fascist thugs who can't stand any sort of dissent, freedom of speech, freedom of thought or freedom of action.
No wonder so many politicians like them. By allowing this sort of thing to happen, by not arresting, prosecuting and jailing the perpetrators, the message extremist groups get is clear, violence and intimidation gets results.
Why the British government seems hellbent on allowing the spreading of that message far and wide is beyond my ability to comprehend.

It's rumoured (though not proven) that Winston Churchill said "The fascists of the future will call them selves anti fascists."

3 annotations:

Radio Free England said...

Great post QM and straight to the heart of the matter.

Woman on a Raft said...

As Griffin was reported to be going to the Front Line club, UAF have done themselves no favours with investigative reporters who meet there and will now tend to regard UAF as the enemy.

James Higham said...

Completely right to call it the fascist left.