Friday, December 10, 2010

You couldn't make it up

Coldest December in 30 years, snow all over the country, (except where I was) Fuel and food shortages in many areas, people struggling to get to work (when they bothered at all) and what do our rail bosses do?

RAIL bosses made the farcical decision to take two de-icing trains out of service at the height of the big freeze, it emerged yesterday.
The locomotives were away for their annual service when the Arctic weather swept in.
Network Rail was accused of “total incompetence” for sending the vehicles for maintenance during the winter rather than the summer.
Rail services in Kent, Surrey and Hampshire, where the vehicles are based, suffered severe delays due to snow and ice, with some passengers stranded on trains overnight.
That's right, they sent away the de-icing trains for a service. Yes it was probably cheaper, yes it was probably scheduled, but servicing a vital piece of kit designed to keep your rails free from ice and snow in the winter?

Epic fail.

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