Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lies damned lies and police demo numbers.

 The EDL were out protesting in Peterborough today, no trouble really, so no massive media reports similar to the student imbeciles on Thursday. Numbers weren't that great either, though as it's leading up to Christmas non too surprising either. However the one report I did see had the police putting the numbers at 500...

Eleven men have been arrested during an English Defence League (EDL) march and counter-protest in Peterborough.
There were a variety of public order offences, including suspicion of assaulting police officers.
About 1,000 officers from 18 forces policed the protests. Cambridgeshire Constabulary said about 500 EDL protesters were involved.
They said about 80 people took part in the Peterborough Trades Union Council protest and no arrests were made there.
Both groups were escorted by police to and from the city centre.

 Does this look like 500 to you?

And this wasn't even the full demo, at least another 200 joined the march after this, the EDL themselves reckoned 1000 to 1500 and I think they're probably closer to the truth.
Apparently the UAF now think the EDL are some sort of danger to migrant workers too...
"The EDL hope to stir up hatred against the city's Muslim population and the many migrant agricultural workers who travel from across Europe to work on farms during the harvests," a spokesman said.
And they wonder why no-one takes them seriously anymore?

There are some pics here courtesy of RM

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