Monday, December 20, 2010

The evil within

I don't know where the idea of multiculturalism came from, oh I suppose I could google it, but I suspect it will be of the "Left" or more likely the liberal left as some sort of antidote to nationalism no doubt. The problem is that multiculturalism promotes exclusivity rather than inclusivity. It celebrates differences rather than similarities at its worst it promotes ghettoism and extremism mostly because the idiots who try to run this country made it "racist" to criticise anyone from another culture living here and instead of a country vibrant with diversity, we ended up with communities at daggers drawn because they have been either protected by the state or abandoned by it.
So this sort of thing should come as no surprise.

Twelve men have been arrested during a major anti-terrorist operation, West Midlands Police said.
The men - five from Cardiff, four from Stoke-on-Trent and three from London - were detained on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism in the UK.
The suspects, aged between 17 and 28, were detained by unarmed officers about 0500 GMT.
Police are searching many properties. No explosives have yet been found.
West Midlands Police said in a statement: "All were arrested at or near their home addresses, with the exception of one suspect from Stoke who was at a domestic property in Birmingham.
"Searches are now being conducted at the home addresses, plus the address in Birmingham and another residence in London.
"The suspects will be held at police stations in central London, the North West and the West Midlands."
Most of the suspects are British but a small number are believed to be from Bangladesh.
"The suspects are believed to have been involved in a plot against targets in the UK," he said. "This is not believed to have been a potential plot of a Mumbai-style attack, but a plot involving explosives or bombs."
Why do I suspect that these "British" men will be followers of a certain religion beginning with I and ending with slam? Why do I suspect that they wont identify with Britain at all, but with a certain community beginning with M and ending with uslim? Well not unless the INLA are recruiting in Bangladesh these days. At core it's because certain communities have been told it's ok not to integrate with the UK as a whole. So a nest of extremists have grown within their midst, they haven't really mixed with the UK population simply with their own circle and eventually fallen in with the extremist fringes of that community, or so say the leaders of said community.
However, any group that has this verse "O you who believe, do not take the kafireen as awliyaa' (friends/helpers) instead of the Believers, do you wish to take Allah as a proof against you?" [Qur'an an-nisa 4: 144] should all be suspect, particularly as they believe their religious book cannot be changed or perfected, leaving the rest of us to wonder who's fooling who.
So the political class in the UK allowed an evil cult to grow in our midst, protected by the ignorant in their own communities, free from criticism and scrutiny till it grew large enough to threaten us all. They are even permitted to lie to us in their cause, This 'Holy Lying' is known as taqiyya (sometimes spelled taqiya or taquiya). It is holy because it is blessed by both Allah and Mohammed. Allah is 'the best of deceivers' (Koran 3.54), and Muhammad said "War is Deceit"; and Islam is always at war with the infidel until the Jews are exterminated, Christians enslaved, and all others converted or killed.
So any Imam popping up and telling us this isn't the real Islam is lying, this is the real Islam, the one that's always at Jihad, the false Islam is amongst those Muslims who just want to live their lives like us free from bother, like the guy who might run your local shop.
Some in the UK are waking up to the threat in our midst, shame it isn't the government or the political classes, who regard any criticism of the real Islam as racist. This needs to change, as a French report on Luton has it, "When I was a child, non-Muslims were more numerous here," recalled one of the proponents of Shariah, Saiful Islam, 31. "Where have they gone?" it asks you. "They have gone elsewhere. They have failed to integrate ..." That's right, they expect us to integrate with them...

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James Higham said...

The problem is that multiculturalism promotes exclusivity rather than inclusivity.

Straight to the heart of it.

Bill said...

I'll lay odds that they will be released without charge rather quietly over Christmas. Let's face it there has been a long history of men from Bangladesh blowing themselves and others to kingdom come in the name of someone called M. O. Hammed haven't there?

Smacks of some cleaners of Asian origin arrested because they knew Barry Obummers route through London earlier this year.

In others words a false flag op to keep us all in a state of fear and ensure we don't lose sight of the fact all muslims are terrorists.

Quiet_Man said...

You may be right Bill, even if it is, any study of radical Islam and its current rise in the UK is cause for worry.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the British settlers invented it when they allowed the real natives of Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand go on speaking their own languages as long as they learned English as well. And when they allowed Indians and Africans, Burmese and Malays the right to their own customs in their own countries, as long as they adopted English ones for when they were in the comany of of their masters.

They tried the opposite thing in Scotland when they came here demanding we speak English, actually banning the wearing of tartan and the speaking of gaelic, and found that the natives became quite restive and plotted behind their backs in languages much too complex grammatically for them to grasp.


Quiet_Man said...

You only had yourselves to blame for that Tris, remember there were Scots on both sides at Culloden.

Radio Free England said...

Well said.