Saturday, November 20, 2010


It's bad enough the government wasting our money on bird choppers wind farms and solar panels as well as putting an extra enviro-tarrif on top of our fuel bills. It's bad enough them lying through their teeth when they tell us it's good for us and the environment. It's bad enough they know we know they're lying and going ahead and doing it anyway. However it seems they are even using our money to export their madness.

MILLIONS of pounds of British taxpayers’ cash will be spent on developing wind turbines and solar panels in Africa and Asia, it was revealed yesterday.
At a time when the rest of the UK is being told to tighten its belt, the Government will pour money into the schemes abroad as part of a drive to help poor countries to develop green businesses.
Critics angrily attacked the move, which was announced by the International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell, branding it a waste of money and inappropriate at a time of austerity at home.
Mr Mitchell said the aid money was vital to help tackle climate change, as well as funding health and education in poor countries. Announcing two public-private partnership projects in Africa and Asia, he said they would help to stimulate investment in renewable energy schemes. And he defended the use of taxpayers’ cash.
“When it comes to tackling climate change across the world, we have to get on with the job,” he said. “We are at the threshold of nothing less than a new industrial, agricultural and technological revolution. That’s why we are acting now to help the world’s poorest countries adapt to and mitigate against climate change.”
The Government has put aside a total of £2.9billion from its overseas aid budget over the next four years to fight climate change worldwide. But the move sparked an angry backlash last night.
Britain is already dishing out more foreign aid than any other European country despite having to make the biggest spending cuts since the Second World War. Our donations outweigh those of Germany and France and come as Britain’s economy shows worrying signs of slowing down.
 Why are we paying out aid for this? Why are we inflicting envirolunacy and spending billions on other nations when people here are going to freeze to death this winter because global warming didn't? Why are so many people being forced into fuel poverty when we can find billions to give to give away abroad?
International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell should be amongst the first to be hung from the lampposts come the revolution because it's obvious this and previous governments care more for anyone or anything than their own people.

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English Pensioner said...

"International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell should be amongst the first to be hung from the lampposts come the revolution".
And as far as I'm concerned it can't come too soon!

Anonymous said...

Lamp posts, old hat isn't it. Lash the pillock to a windmill!