Thursday, October 21, 2010


Healthy eating, just the ticket for the health Nazi's to try and control your life and it gives jobsworth's great opportunities to tell people off and generally make peoples lives a misery. Problem is with jobsworth's (other than the fact that they are jobsworth's) is that they never know when to stop, never, ever.

A MOTHER feeding ducks with her two children told yesterday how she was ticked off by a council warden – for giving the birds “unhealthy” white bread.
Lisa Taplin, 34, was told to bring granary or wholemeal bread next time.
The fluorescent vest-clad official said giving ducks white bread was like Mrs Taplin feeding her two sons chips with every meal.
The dance teacher yesterday described the episode as crazy – but her local council defended the official.
It's a duck! not a gourmet specialist, not an endangered species and not normally poisoned by bread. essentially it's a walking, quacking, swimming dustbin. I've got pictures of one of my kids as a toddler being mobbed by ducks anxious to get their beaks into a sandwich. I really fail to see what type of bread they get fed should be an issue. Apparently I'm not the only one.
Naturalist Chris Packham, presenter off the BBC’s Autumn Watch, said: “I wouldn’t stop anyone from feeding birds. We send out the message that wildlife needs our help all the time so it seems a bit churlish to tell people what food to use.”
Still, I suppose we should be grateful that council jobsworth's don't go around fining people for feeding the ducks.


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Sue said...

I was watching one of those "animal SOS" programmes the other day. The group of animal welfare people were trying to catch an injured swan. I remember one of them saying "we used white bread because they prefer that"... most brown bread is white bread with added molasses for colour.. mmmm yum.

You'll always get power crazed little civil service Nazi's.

JuliaM said...

It's a tribute to the great forebearance of the British character that he didn't end up in the lake, spitting out pondweed along with his teeth....

Longrider said...

The way to catch a swan is to sneak up behind it and grab its neck while simultaneously wrapping the other arm around the wings. Big, heavy buggers, swans...

It really is about time people stood up to these jobsworths. A sharp "it's none of your business" a little more often might just get the message across. Be polite, but firm.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Why do people comply? I'm not naturally argumentative but I'll make an exception for any jumped-up jobsworth in future. Too few people question 'the rules'.

Anonymous said...

Ask these flourescent jumped-up parasites who exactly they think they are and tell them to get lost and stop bothering you.
Just show some spine, for God's sake.
Ceausescu eventually got the point when the masses started answering back, and look what happened to him.

James Higham said...

Problem is with jobsworth's (other than the fact that they are jobsworth's) is that they never know when to stop, never, ever.

That's the whole point. Tomorrow morning, we'll be told again not to run on the platforms because it is dangerous. this announcement is in the interests of passenger safety and any objection is in CCTV linked to the control room.