Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer? What summer?

The Victorians used to reckon the 1st of September as being the first day of autumn, though technically it should be on or around the 21st (equinox) So there is a headline around saying summer is over.

Last week’s final seven days of the school holidays saw a run of almost wall-to-wall sunshine across most parts of the country and temperatures up to 22C.
But the Met Office said autumnal weather arrives on Monday with no sign of an Indian Summer as the rest of September sees sharp showers rather than sunshine. 
The forecast dashes hopes of Britons clinging onto the thought of a decent September to make up for the coldest August in 17 years.
A Met Office statement warned of possible gale-force winds across England and Scotland on Tuesday.
Forecaster Charlie Powell said: “We had a decent last week of summer in the last week of the school holidays - but from Monday we get an autumnal feel to the weather.
“We had a nice last week but it will now be wetter and windier, as Monday sees a change from the dry weather we enjoyed last week.
“The emphasis is on persistent, heavy rain in the west and south-west parts of the UK on Monday, with stronger winds with very breezy conditions in more easterly parts due to south-easterly winds.
“The rain pushes north-east across the country on Monday night and it will remain breezy further north-east, with sharp showers between clearer spells.
“The same is true on Wednesday, but the showers will be heavier and with a risk of thunder and lightning and temperatures not feeling too great.
“Thursday and Friday see more showers either side of dry spells as the weather turns markedly more unsettled across the UK.
“And looking into the next week or two, showers and longer spells of rain will affect many parts.
“The rest of the month will be unsettled with no sign of any more decent settled weather on the horizon.”
Now admittedly the weather in the Northeast was pretty good last week and from what I'm told has been ok throughout most of August. In the Southeast however particularly Kent we've not had a good summer, it was pretty cold up until the 21st of June, then on technically the first day of summer it was like someone up there had switched on the bars of an electric fire for a couple of weeks and it got pretty warm for a while. But as soon as the kids started their holidays, it calmed down, not cold, but certainly no blazing summer either. The BBC were even forced to tell us about the brushfires due to hot weather in Russia to support their global warming climate change agenda whilst conveniently ignoring the cooler weather elsewhere in the Northern hemisphere as well as the bitterly cold weather in the Southern hemisphere. Of course this is just "weather" we're told, climate is something else, though it seems to me if you get enough weather it becomes climate, then again I'm probably guilty of applying common sense here as a complete layman when it comes to this sort of thing.
So no barbecue summer, though we had a few barbecues, the weather was better in the North but not amazingly so, Scotland apparently was quite cold at times. Certainly what is going on doesn't match the predictions of anyone, though many in the warmist camp still like to pontificate as if they know what is happening (whilst denying any and all mentions of shenanigans within their corrupt camp)
So, my predictions for next year?

We'll have lots of weather and nobody will get it completely right what kind it will be.

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Anonymous said...

Not global warming, it's getting colder here.

For the forth year on the trot the summer has been non existent except for the last 4 days.

And even today there was a cold wind.

Furor Teutonicus said...

The public do not help. Here they are all going on about the brilliant summer we have had this year.


We did not SEE the sun until mid June. The heating was not turned off until the last week of June. July was about 25 to 30°c average. Begining of August, it WAS possible to sit in the garden in a T-Shirt.

Since then jumpers, or even jackets, are order of the day, and the heating went back on again last week, so the end of August.

BUT, because we had two to three weeks of "record temperatures" in July, "we had a BRILLIANT summer!!!" and another hundred billion will be thrown at "global warming" whilst our pensioners starve and freeze in winter, because the pensions have been frozen yet AGAIN!