Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sick? Well purrhaps

Some people have a strange idea on humour, some things that make me laugh out loud will have my partner struggling to raise a smile, still whilst I personally wouldn't do this, I did laugh, no doubt animal lovers everywhere will think I'm going to hell.

AN ANIMAL lover just home from the pub thought he’d had one too many large gins when a bright pink cat flew over his garden fence.
But the terrified creature turned out to be the all-too-real victim of a cruel joke. And the RSPCA is now hunting those responsible.
Vet Penny Gillespie, who is caring for the naturally white cat, nicknamed Pink, at a cattery in Marlborough, Wilts, said: “She is so bright she almost glows in the dark.
“Apparently, when the man who found her in Swindon told his wife she replied, ‘Don’t be daft, dear. Go to bed and sleep it off.’
“Pink is a lovely cat and I do not understand why somebody would be so cruel as to dye her and throw her over a fence.
“We do not know what the dye is but it is fortunate that it is not toxic because it could have been fatal. We’ve washed her once but it didn’t make much difference. It could take 18 months for the colour to grow out.”
Animal welfare officer Carl Hone said: “We are very keen to trace the person responsible for this sick prank. I would urge anyone with information to call the RSPCA.”
Now knowing cats as I do, giving one a dye job would be about as tricky as giving one a bath (barring a very unusual cat) So I don't suspect yobs, as doing the job would be far more trouble than it's worth, setting fire to it yes, dyeing it pink? No I think not. I suspect that there might be a very embarrassed owner out there looking for a very angry escaped cat who dare not claim back the animal as they'd end up being investigated by the RSPCA or animal stasi as they are oft known these days. Considering most dyes require you to leave yourself coated for 20 mins before removing (according to my good lady) there's either a loving trusted owner out there missing a pink pussy or a seriously clawed and slashed gang of amateur hairdressers.

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Curmudgeon said...

Given that all the reports suggest the dye job was done carefully and with regard for the animal's welfare, there seems to be something going on here that the news reports haven't cottoned on to. It's not as if some yob has just chucked a can of paint over the cat.

The Filthy Engineer said...

"or a seriously clawed and slashed gang of amateur hairdressers."

You owe me a new keyboard for that. I just spat coffee over it.

Fascist Hippy said...

It happened in Swindon FFS what do you expect, if you go down to 'the town' on a Saturday afternoon you will see tots to grandma's and everything in between sporting hair of the same pink colour. The place should be avoided at all costs. Swindon is just one huge social experiment.

John M Ward said...

On the topic of bathing (or dyeing) cats...

Furor Teutonicus said...

People do this shit to poodles all the time. Whats the bloody difference?

Freewoman of England said...

So much fun Thanks@ John Ward, @the filthy engineer

One cannot tell from the newspaper reports if the cat likes water or not They say they washed the cat.. How?

Personally it looks as if someone dyed it as a dare or a fashion statement and the poor cat jumped over the fence.... because it took offence

James Higham said...

I prefer the latter.

Freewoman of England said...

So it was a fashion statement She dyed it to match her hair... Oi Kitty!

Fascist Hippy said...

What did I say 2 days ago, Swindon - home of a failed social experiment.