Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The fecal flow is hitting the rotary impeller

It's always interesting watching how people in the EU react to economics, stereotypes abound of course with the French supposedly going on strike at the drop of a hat and Greeks rioting etc. However with the near collapse of the Euro, the problems of tying so many disparate nations into a political whole seems to be a case of chickens coming home to roost, for Brussels.


Thousands of people from across the EU are expected to march in Brussels to protest against sweeping austerity measures by many national governments.The European Trade Union Confederation says its protest could be one of the biggest in Belgium's capital for years.
The union says EU workers could become the biggest victims of a financial crisis set off by bankers and traders.
A general strike has begun in Spain and protests are planned in Greece, Poland, Italy, Latvia, Ireland and Serbia.
Many governments across the 27-member bloc have been forced to impose punishing cuts in wages, pensions and employment to deal with spiralling debts.
In Greece and the Republic of Ireland, unemployment figures are at their highest level in 10 years, while Spain's unemployment has doubled in just three years.
In Britain, the government is planning to slash spending by up to 25%, while France has seen angry protests against a planned increase in the minimum retirement age.
Labour unions in Spain have started a general strike by marching through the capital, Madrid, in an effort to shut down the city. There has been mass picketing outside bus and metro stations since midnight. There were also protests in Barcelona.
Be interesting to see how the commissars and apparatchiks actually deal with the people they've been ignoring  for so many years whilst they set up the perfect system for enhancing their bank balances and pensions. Then again I rather expect most will have taken the day off or clocked in early then went home as normal. Give the EU its due though, they've set themselves up as a massive target for continental rage as they've been blowing their own trumpet as to who actually is in charge for so many years. Sort of the equivalent of painting a giant bulls-eye on their bodies, particularly as they've shown no restraint on treating themselves out of our pockets. Bit of luck they'll burn the place down and hang all apparatchiks, but I'm not normally that lucky.

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I love that saying... the fecal matter hits the rotary impeller. :D