Friday, September 10, 2010

Coded propaganda

Extreme Islamists have bombed buses and the tubes in London and attempted to drive a petrol bombed car into Glasgow airport, that's one of the reasons that the police and security services keep an eye on them. Animal rights protesters have attacked scientists and labs, even going into the arcane world of body snatching, so they are kept an eye on too, not sure if they've killed anyone yet, but I suspect it will only be a matter of time, we're dealing with a group with a lunatic fringe after all. right wingers.... Well right wingers... well there must be something, damned if I know what it is though after all the police seem to think communities should keep an eye on their groups.

The most senior counter-terrorism officer in south-east England has called on communities to help identify people at risk of being radicalised.
Speaking ahead of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in America, Det Ch Supt George Turner said Al-Qaeda extremists posed the "greatest threat".
But he said other threats to UK security included animal extremism and "extreme right-wing activity".
However, he said the South East was at no greater risk than other regions.
The counter-terrorism unit headed by Mr Turner is based in West Berkshire and covers the Thames Valley, Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex and Kent police force areas.
Speaking to the BBC in his first broadcast interview, he said: "There are problems in this area as there are in every region and in every community.
"There's been some very high profile terrorist incidents. There's been some very high profile, what we call domestic extremism."
The region covered by the South East unit includes sensitive sites such as Portsmouth Naval Base, Gatwick Airport and the Port of Dover.
Mr Turner said that the regional unit supported the work of county forces such as Sussex at Gatwick.
He added: "Historically there have been some links to the major terrorist, iconic attacks, that have taken place throughout the UK and some of those investigations.
"That was obviously a factor in the unit being set up."
'Violent extreme views'
Mr Turner said working with local communities was another key function in helping to defeat terrorist activity.
He added: "There are specialist officers with particular skills at regional level.
"Then each force has its own specialist working with communities to try to identify vulnerable people and prevent them becoming terrorists.
"It is also about supporting those communities who want to have a voice against those with violent extreme views who perhaps feel intimidated.
"It is communities that defeat terrorism."
 He's probably correct in that it's communities that defeat terrorism, however as the "Righteous" have more or less allowed some communities to tell the rest of us to mind our own when any criticism produces howls of Islamophobe and homophobe that in general communities don't look out for trouble as they're usually the ones who get it in the neck from the state.
However as for extreme right wing activity, well this is just "Righteous" codespeak for any who oppose their views whether they are right wing or not, though to my mind it's usually not. They label groups like the EDL and the BNP as right wing, despite the fact that they obviously aren't, they even label Nazi's as right wing, but a quick check their tells you that's not the case either, statist socialists rather than international socialists would be a more accurate term, but socialists hate the idea that these groups are so close to their collectivist thinking that they have to try and label them away from themselves, hence the terms fascist and right wing. In actuality there's very little difference between a member of the SWP and the BNP one hates anyone different and the other hates, well, anyone different, just the BNP are a bit more honest about hating foreigners and the SWP hate pretty much anyone patriotic. Put either one of those groups in charge of the country and it would be a disaster, save only that the SWP would probably kill more of us, it's what socialists do, kill off the intelligentsia and make a society of slave labourers controlled by an unelected elite. Pretty much like the NWO hope to do via the EU.
So the code "right wing" can be taken as reading "not of us" as in not under state control and generally it's applied to racist groups or groups that they want to label racist like the EDL. These groups tend to be either single issue protest groups or in the case of the BNP racist socialists, after all what else would you call a group who see nationalisation of the countries resources and transport as a means to an end? Certainly not a right wing idea is it? And as for the Islamists, well I'm not exactly enamoured of the title kuffar which as I see it is about as nasty a term as it gets, definitely a case of them and us, yet ignored by our political masters as it's convenient for them to do so.
So in reality, the threat to todays society comes from extremist Islamists, extreme left wingers and the NWO, all statists who would use the power of the state to control us, not the extreme right of which there are no extreme groups at all, simple a conglomeration and ever growing group who simply want to be left alone by the state and who protest at its ever growing encroachment.
There is no extreme right wing activity in the UK, it's all extreme statist activity by those who would wish to enslave us in the name of the state and it's all left wing socialist based.

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Sue said...

We can't be seen to be picking on the muzzies, now can we?

If we don't include some white organisations too, we might be accused of racism.

Sue said...

Sorry, forgot to add a link

Risky Freedom or Safe Servitude

Mark Wadsworth said...

What Sue says. One of the many things I am not worried about is "right wing extremism".

Furor Teutonicus said...

ANY thing further "right" than Mother "fucking" Theresa is a "Neo nazi" to the sort of scum that infest the media and top ranks of the police.