Monday, August 16, 2010

No, we're not struggling to understand

Cleggy boy has condemned the international response to the floods in Pakistan as well as having a snide go at charitable giving at home.

The international response to the devastating floods in Pakistan has been "absolutely pitiful", Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says.
He said the UK was "doing a lot", but donations may still be less than hoped for because the public was "struggling to understand" the scale of the crisis.
Mr Clegg spoke as the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) said the total raised by Britons was now £15m.
At least 1,600 people are known to have died in the monsoon floods.
The Pakistani government says up to 20 million people have been affected and some six million are estimated to need urgent food aid.
Aid agencies say survivors, especially children, were also at risk from diseases such as cholera.
Last week, the United Nations launched a $459m (£294m) appeal for emergency aid for Pakistan, and said that billions of dollars would be needed in the long-term.
The UK government has pledged £31.3m, nearly £17m of which has so far been allocated.
The British public can be generous to a fault, take a look at various charities such as children in need, or even the tsunami in the Indian ocean which devastated Indonesia et al. However we only tend to give when the victims are seen as being "deserving" not that the tragedy in Pakistan doesn't have its innocent victims, however it's the nation of Pakistan that is disliked (often intensely) by the British public. It's an Islamic state and Islam has done itself no favours recently in this country, however that alone would not be enough to stop the giving, Indonesia after all is an Islamic state and we gave a lot of aid to the tsunami victims there. Pakistan is also a nuclear power despite having a population with a lot of people on the breadline, yet that wouldn't quite cut it either, when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the British again emptied their pockets to help, the USA is after all the premier nuclear power. it might be the recession, but again when times are hard, the public still often finds a way to help.
The problem I believe lies in the fact that elements in Pakistan (including their government) are aiding and abetting the Taliban in Afghanistan to kill our troops, and the British public are very aware indeed of this, there have even been grumblings about the government giving our money away to help. The public also noted the dress of the Muslims against the Crusades when the Royal Anglian regiment marched in Luton, these people protesting were mostly of Pakistani descent judging by their look. The public also know because they are constantly told that all Muslims see themselves as Muslims first and look to see how many Islamic nations have generously given to their brothers and sisters in Pakistan, they could count on the fingers of one hand exactly how many.
So, no Clegg, the British public aren't struggling to understand the situation in Pakistan, from their point of view it's the same as giving charity to your enemies, they'll take it anyway, sneer at us, attack our way of life and despise us to the core of their beings, whilst trying to get here to live a better way of life whilst keeping the old prejudices going against the kuffar.
We know who our enemies are, it's not the flood victims per se, it's their government and their religion and the actions they've taken against us in the past and present.

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hedgehog said...

You wrote: We know who our enemies are, it's not the flood victims per se, it's their government and their religion and the actions they've taken against us in the past and present.

That's exactly the way I feel about it, and it is almost impossible to separate the suffering innocents with our murderous enemies. Sadly, until I find a way to do that, charity will begin - and end - at home. If that sounds heartless and callous, so be it.

JuliaM said...

The only thing I've been 'struggling to understand' is why all those other Muslim countries haven't stumped up the money already...

William said...

Surely the real enemy is our own political class?
We are free as individuals to spend our 'allowance' (the pittance we are left with after all state taxation has been taken into account) money where we see fit and no matter how its dressed up 'giving' to any charity is spending money you have earned.

As taxpayers the Cleggeron coagulation has already donated million on my behalf without asking me if that is where I wanted the cash to go but then again the same pile of shite is giving the king of the left footers a £12million holiday in the UK!

Quiet_Man said...

Ah, that's the paradox of our political class in a nutshell William, they see it as theirs or the governments money, not where it comes from.

Indyanhat said...

If our 650 odd MPs match pound for pound any money raised for charity then I will start giving but only on the condition that our service personnel charities are given equal amounts!!!

John said...

The British people have also been bombarded recently with Politicians telling us that the £7.9bn international aid budget has to be ringfenced in a time of severe cost saving everywhere else.

So a really dedicated Conservative Government could piss the whole $459m that the UN is calling for and still have £7.6bn of that left over.

So you'll excuse me if I feel like I've already had the money for this shit taken out of my pocket already.

There's also the not insignificant issue that a sizable proportion of the Pakistan people utterly detest the British Government, it's people, and everything we stand for.

The noises that some of these politicians have been making on this issue shows they have no understanding - no understanding at all - of the myriad of reasons why people and keeping thier hands in thier pockets on this one.

Mrs Rigby said...

One thing that has stuck in our minds was that the Taliban told Pakistan not to accept aid from the West. We have not read any reports disagreeing with this.

Our government has made a hefty donation on our behalf. There is a huge population of British Asians, many originating from Pakistan - where is the media coverage of their fund-raising efforts?

If I see a collecting box I'm likely to donate, but will no longer give online because too many 'collectors' take a huge percentage of the donations to cover administration.