Thursday, August 26, 2010

Living in another world

People are quite territorial, particularly about what they own, where they live, what they do with it and most particularly their mode of transport. It's been noticed that people driving cars undergo a change of character as their personal space is now expanded by the size of the car. The most mild mannered person can become a foul mouthed, intolerant hypersensitive maniac once behind the wheel of a car. So, councils who want people to give up their own parking spaces are probably onto a loser.

Motorists are to be offered a £200 bribe to surrender their residents’ car parking permits under proposals being drawn up by Brent Council in North London.
The Labour-controlled authority is hoping that the incentive will persuade motorists to enrol in car clubs, whose members will be allowed to park free of charge.
Under the proposals, motorists who give up the permit for two years will be given a £200 voucher which can be used towards the cost of a bike, public transport or the subscription to a car sharing scheme.
I may be wrong, but I suspect the take up of the scheme will be very, very low, parking permits are like gold dust in London and once you've lost it, I doubt you'd get it back.
Brent wants to promote the scheme as “incentives for residents to reduce non-essential car use and contribute to combating climate change.”
Ah yes the old climate change myth as fervently believed by politicians, socialists and enviroloons all over the land and practically no-one else.
According to Cllr Jim Moher, the council cabinet member with responsibility for transport, the proposals are likely to appeal to people who want to help fight climate change.
“It is very attractive for people who want to discard their car and help deal with a growing problem.
Wonder how many want to discard an efficient and personal transporter, only politicians, socialists and enviroloons all over the land and practically no-one else one would suspect.
“I would certainly consider it,” said Mr Moher, a car owner himself. “I would have no problem towards contributing to this sort of thing
Says the politician, socialist and enviroloon.
The council is also proposing to join the growing number of local authorities who vary permit charges according to the environmental friendliness of the car.
Money, money, money, I could understand it if they went by the size of the car and how much space it took, but I fail to see what business it is of theirs what kind of car the residents drive.
I realise that parking is at a bit of a premium in London and I can sort of see the sense of restricting second (and third) car families, I do however have my doubts that £200 will be enough unless they don't need their cars in the first place. If however they need their car, can't get a car share and public transport isn't a viable alternative (as it is with many) then the council is going to screw them for a lot of money if they happen to drive a larger car.
However the council’s initiative was welcomed by both environmental and motoring groups.
“There is huge pressure on parking spaces. It’s good that it is being offered cash as an option rather than people being forced to surrender their permits.
“Brent is showing a far more sympathetic approach than some other boroughs,” said an A spokesman.
Stephen Joseph, executive director of the Campaign for Better Transport, added: “That is very innovative and it will be interesting to see if other councils follow their lead. This is a carrot rather than a stick.
Campaign for Better Transport is not a motoring group, it's a fake charity (site still down what the hell is going on?) Environmental groups are often enough fake charities too and want us all to live back in the middle ages riding horses or walking ( except for politicians, socialists and enviroloons who need efficient transport to tell us how to live)

Daft thing is, people will still vote Labour.


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