Saturday, August 21, 2010

Drinking might lead to having sex shock...

Seems like the states never ending attempt to either scare us into behaving or make it too expensive to misbehave has turned to the fact that women who binge drink are more likely to have an abortion than women who stay sober and sensible (for a given degree of sensible one assumes)

Women who drink to excess are almost twice as likely to need emergency contraception, such as the morning pill, than those who remain within safe limits, a study found.
British researchers found women who exceeded their weekly alcohol limit were also far more likely to have an abortion.
The study of 25,000 individuals also found the proportion of teenage girls who blamed alcohol for losing their virginity more than doubled over the past 60 years.
The University College London study, published on Friday, also found the number of people drinking to excess had tripled in 10 years.
The study, reported in the Journal of Public Health, suggested that increased alcohol use was linked to a rise in women engaging in unprotected sex.
The study’s conclusions come amid growing concerns about the rise of binge drinking following the relaxation of drinking laws.
Government figures have shown that one in four people – a total of 10 million – is estimated to be putting their health at risk by drinking more alcohol than the recommended limits.
In their study, UCL researchers examined the alcohol consumption and sexual activity of individuals aged 16 to 44 over a ten-year period.
They found that women who drank to excess, which experts say is more than 14 units a week, were 1.8 times more likely to have taken emergency contraception such as the morning after pill at least once over the past year.
Ok, we'll take as read the right of people do do with their bodies as they wish so long as they aren't harming others. It should not be the business of the state to tell us not to drink and not to have sex when drunk, nor do the invented 14 units a week impress any more, we know it's a lie plucked out of thin air by the BMA in a report and yes we've noticed that it's getting smaller every year too.
However they have a far bigger problem on their hands if they want to control the human urge to breed, it's fun for a reason, that reason being we wouldn't do it if it wasn't fun and people have taken "relaxants"  like alcohol to help take away the tensions and make it easier to break the mood and get to know someone intimately for generations, all the way back to the orgies of ancient times. Men oddly enough have deliberately tried to get women drunk or spike their drinks so as they can have sex with them, that's rape, but it has been known. Which is why warnings about looking after your drink are useful and reports like this aren't.
The righteous have over the last few decades brought about a society of sexual freedom, birth control has helped reduce the risks against pregnancy, though obviously not std's. People often enough these days no longer team up together for life (aka marriage) and the bonds that hold society together that way have been weakened so that you have large numbers of men and women looking for sex or love without strings as that's all they can expect.  They've also made life so hard workwise that people often see the need to totally unwind at the weekend and try and forget all the shit that society throws at them whilst they work to earn enough to have fun. So at the weekends they drink and to hell with how expensive the state makes it, if booze becomes prohibitively expensive, they'll find something else. Drinking loosens inhibitions, so they have sex, drinking also affects birth control, so ladies get pregnant and/or take morning after pills. Altering the drinking hours wont stop this and we can't turn back the clock either, anything the state or its minions can do wont stop it happening they are just scaremongering and still trying to control us by fear.
The best thing the state can do is to simply butt out of the situation and let it sort itself out, arrest the violent and patch up the broken. Offer advice but stop trying to control, people have managed for generations to sort out their own problems, it's a solution that normally works unlike many tried by the state.

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Anonymous said...

Yep I am completely in agreement with you.

I think we should tell the state to butt out of our lives, especially when its moralising and basing its meddling on religion of any sort.

Lord MacKay of Clashfern, some doddering old fart of a Tory peer, has been telling sheriffs that they should have a copy of the Bible in their courtroom and refer to it for guidance.... The old fool has gone so far as to send them copies.

As for girls who go around having sex and getting Chlamydia and syphilis HIV and "falling pregnant" like the idiot girls that I have to see keep telling me... with this vacant look of mystery on their faces.

And I suppose many of them are mystified. So often they are so drunk when they have sex that they are rather like boys used to be... you know, waking up in the morning and looking over to see.....arghhhhhhhhhhhhh complete horror, someone that looks like a cross between Camilla Parker - Watsit and their granny.

But in the girls’ cases, it's happened and the boy is long gone.

But it really is their responsibility. I think their parents should warn them against it, but then most of their parents are like that too.

Maybe they should have something that approaches real, and brutally frank sex education, instead of birds and bees and bananas with condoms on... some of them are so dim they haven't quite made the connection between the banana and the penis (if you'll pardon the expression).

I just don't think that we should have to pay for it whether it is abortion, or clap pills or bringing up their kids.

I don't mind people having complete freedom to do whatever they want, as long as I don't have to pay for them.