Thursday, August 12, 2010

At least they want to work

Senior ministers are said to be astonished that almost 80% of newly created jobs in the last 2 months went to foreign workers.


Nearly four out of five new jobs in Britain have gone to foreigners over the past three months, official figures show. 
The figures show that a record number of non-Britons started work in Britain between April and June.
Senior MPs described the jump, which threatens to reignite the row over 'British jobs for British workers', as "astounding". 
Labour market figures showed that 186,000 people started work – of which 145,000 were foreign and just 41,000 were British - in the three months to June 30.
The total number of foreigners in employment – 3.85million - is also at a record high, and amounts to one in seven of the workforce, according to the Office for National Statistics.
The rise reverses a series of declines since the number last peaked in December 2008 as the impact of the recession deterred economic migrants. It will raise fears that local workers are poorly placed to capitalise as conditions improve.
Immigration was a major issue during the election and the new Government introduced a cap on the numbers of foreigners from outside the European Union who can work in the UK last month.
Under the cap, the numbers of skilled and highly skilled workers who can come to the UK was limited to just over 24,000.
However yesterday's figures cast doubt on its effectiveness as more than half of the foreign workers – 77,000 – would have been exempt because they come from within the EU.
Of those who came from outside the EU more than half - 37,000 - came from India. 
Last night, Keith Vaz MP, the Labour chairman of the Commons’ Home Affairs committee, said his committee would investigate the sharp rise.
"They might want more British workers to get jobs but membership of the European Union mean that non-Brits will get those jobs"
Unusual to find a bit of honesty from Vaz, but I guess now he's in opposition he can say things the previous government would have went into convulsions of spin over. Fact is though, these jobs are going to those who want them, who are prepared to work at fairly poor rates of pay and work all the overtime God sends so they can send money home, more money per month than some could earn in a year. When I worked in a sausage factory, we had a lot of Poles working there including I was surprised to find  the equivalent of a junior doctor, his English wasn't so great, but it seems he was happy to earn more making sausages than he could make as a doctor in Poland, it would apparently pay for a good nest egg before he went home to do the job he was trained for. The company itself loved polish workers, they worked damned hard and kept the costs down, English workers couldn't really get a look in, wasn't worth their time and didn't want to work the hours to make up the difference either.
Seems we have two choices, we either make staying on benefits so uncomfortable that people will do anything to get off them, or we incur the necessary price increases as wages are weighted at levels where it pays to work, even then the dead hand of the EU will allow workers in to take those jobs as well, classic catch 22 situation.
Of course if we just left the EU, set up a proper border force we could cure the problem ourselves, our way. But the Lib/Lab/Con party ruling us doesn't like that idea at all, they'd rather we were subject to Brussels than actually take note of what might be good for the country, and no the EU is not good for the country, never was, never will be.
So unless we can force political change, British jobs for British workers is just a pipe dream.


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James Higham said...

Seems we have two choices, we either make staying on benefits so uncomfortable that people will do anything to get off them ...

There is nowhere to go to so it will never be that uncomfortable. If there are no jobs, there are no jobs and no amount of PC BS from our masters will alter that.