Thursday, July 22, 2010

Own goal

The establishment "Righteous" simply can't seem to help themselves, mortified by the progress of the BNP and its assumption of privileges that they see as only being for the "Righteous" simply because the awful proles voted for them during the EU elections, they've looked for a way to ban them or stop them in their tracks. Problem being of course is that the BNP are very good at playing the victim card.

BNP leader Nick Griffin has been denied entry to a Buckingham Palace garden party over claims he "overtly" used his invitation for political purposes.
A spokesman said his behaviour had "increased the security threat and the potential discomfort" to other guests.
But Mr Griffin, who had been invited to the event along with all the UK's Euro MPs, told BBC News the ban was an "absolute scandal".
The anti-immigration party's other MEP, Andrew Brons, is attending the party.
Before the ban was imposed Mr Griffin, an MEP for North West England, described the Buckingham Palace invitation on the BNP website as a "highly symbolic breakthrough" for the party and e-mailed supporters asking for questions they would like him to ask the Queen.
Mr Griffin also appeared on GMTV to talk about his invitation to the garden party.
Well, they've been a bit more crafty about this one than they usually have, by banning Griffin and letting the nonentity in, shows a talent for political assassination  far more subtle than the usual "Righteous" hobnails. But, it wont work, Griffin is too polarising, those who were glad to see him banned aren't open to reason anyway, as far as they are concerned anything to do with the BNP, normal rules do not apply. That this reflects badly on them matters not one whit, hypocrisy is just another word to be shrugged off so long as they get their way. Those who wanted to see him go, aren't too surprised, we know what the "Righteous" are like, we might not like Griffin or the BNP, but we know fair play when we see it and we know we'll never see it with the BNP, which only garners them more support elsewhere.
So once again instead of ignoring them, the establishment scores another own goal when dealing with the BNP, just like they did on Question Time.

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English Pensioner said...

The BNP's opponents are continually providing Nick Griffin with publicity that he wouldn't otherwise get. If he'd attended and and been ignored by the protesters, it might have warranted a small paragraph at the bottom of an inside page in most newspapers. Now he'll probably be on the front pages having been mentioned at length in all the TV news bulletins.
Some people never learn!