Friday, July 16, 2010

Out of touch #2

They still don't get it, but by God they are determined to ram anthropomorphic caused global warming climate change down our throats despite its poisoned chalice reputation. They really do think we're stupid and that flash gimmicks will help change peoples minds.


Ministers hope a new Google Earth map can help banish public scepticism and confusion over the potential effects of climate change.

The map shows how different areas of the world would be altered by
 a 4C average rise in global temperatures.
The map shows the effects of a 4C rise in global temperatures

The interactive graphic shows how different areas of the world would be altered by a 4C average rise in global temperatures.
It suggests forest fires, drought and water shortages will be much more common by the end of the century if greenhouse gases are not curbed.
Like other Google Maps, users can drag their way around the globe to see which parts of the world could suffer most.
Climate Change Minister Greg Barker MP told Sky News: "This is really accessible and a high impact way to take on board some quite complex information.
"This brings it all together at a time when of course some people are baffled by the science."
Last week the Muir Russell report into hacked emails between scientists at the University of East Anglia cleared them of manipulating data but called for climate change researchers be more open with their work to promote rigorous debate and openness.
Anyone who's studied a little about global warming climate change will tell you that for twelve years there has been a rise 0.10C, in other words, no significant measurable temperature rise and whilst it is possible that a 40C rise is possible, it's very very unlikely as many of the more sceptical honest scientists believe the Earth to be in a cooling cycle and that temperatures globally are more likely to fall than rise.
Again it seems that politicians, scientists and believers in the global warming religion are prepared to stoop to scare tactics in their increasingly desperate attempts to make us follow them into the abyss and take up a low tech medieval culture with a 90% cull of the human populace (the 10% left would be politicians, scientists and believers, natch)
Still the advantage I suppose is that the more they scream the more people check out their lies, rather than fall for them.

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Anonymous said...

Well QM, I don't care what's causing it, but there has been three solid weeks of winter weather in Dundee. As I speak my garden lies in tatters. Hundreds and hundreds of pounds worth of plants and arches and sculptures are being blown to hell by the wind, annuals are dead, and trees broken.

A couple of girls were nearly killed just up the road when a massive tree fell inches away from them and half the slates which should be on my roof are lying in the back garden.

On the street where my mum lives, just by the river, it is almost impossible to walk outside against the wind, and I'm sitting here shivering with the heating on...

I'm not saying that it is or is not manmade. Scientists say it is; scientists say it isn't... who knows?

Presumably each has his own agenda; ie the person who is funding his research, but whatever the answer is, this is like November. If it's not a howling gale it is torrential rain, if it's not torrential rain it's back to the howling gale. The only exception was Wednesday when the visibility was down to a few feet and we needed fog lights on in the middle of the day. The Open golf was cancelled because no one could see the holes they were aiming for.

Something’s not right. This is the middle of July. Even in Scotland we should be out in our shorts and t shirts.

I wish I knew what was causing it... I’d send it a massive bill.

Sophia Pangloss said...

Ah'm wi tris here Mr Quiet Man, somethin's no right, an' we need tae find oot whit it is. We may be gettin winter weather in July, but ye can see aroon the world that ithers are catchin it even worse.

Ma wee addled brain says tae me that ye cannae hae an explosion o' population an' industrialisation such as we've seen this past century or twa, withoot at least some consequence, tho ah widnae be sae daft as tae try tae say whit that is. The mair fowk argue aboot it, the less sense it maks. Ah suppose some fowk are content tae wait till the signs are that blindinly obvious that it's too late tae dae onythin aboot it, but fer masel ah'm gled we hae scientists workin oan it so that we might, an' ah only say might, be able tae turn things aroon.

Like tris ah want tae be oot in a gairden in July, no shelterin in shop-doorways an' bus-shelters tryin tae keep ma hair dry.

Quiet_Man said...

Oh I agree something's going on, however I doubt that it's mankind that's the cause. When looking at weather and climate, you first check out the big shiny fiery ball in the sky and the effect it has on oceans. You can more or less discount the effect of Co2 and methane and get right to the source of greenhouse gases which is water vapour (clouds). Now the odd weather all over the globe at the moment points towards solar activity in the upper atmosphere, not greenhouse gases and not anthropomorphic climate change.