Thursday, July 1, 2010

Illusions of freedom

Nick Clegg has set up a "Your Freedom" site to solicit suggestions as to which government legislation we'd like to see repealed.

We want to restore Britain’s traditions of freedom and fairness, and free our society of unnecessary laws and regulations – both for individuals and businesses.
For some odd reason I can't see a suggestion of leaving the EU which by some estimates provides up to 80% of new regulation going down a storm with young Nick, mostly because he might lose his pension and benefits if it does happen. In fact I can't see any suggestions being taken up that might interfere with the coalitions plans for the UK, just suggestions that wont really affect things and the lifestyle that politicians and the political classes aspire too.
What in my view we are seeing in the UK is the destruction of civilisation and a slow and inexorable slide into revolution and possible barbarism. Of course it depends on what your view of civilisation is and there are many definitions including that of material goods, educated classes, Public order, law, trade, military power? Yet none of these actually define what civilisation is, Aztec priests cut the hearts out of living victims, yet the Aztec were a great civilisation, hence too the Romans crucified thousands during any outbreak of revolt yet too they were civilised. So by any means the definition of civilisation cannot be what many think it is, but at core civilisation seems to me to be any system which permits the maximum number of people in a country to enjoy the best possible quality of life for the longest duration. Yet this is a fragile thing and needs to be defended, often from our own people and more often from a political elite who seek to subvert it for their own benefit. And in the UK we have a political elite who are demonstrably wrecking the political system for their own ends with the twisting of the law away from justice into rules, with unelected judges, gerrymandered politicians who will be elected in certain constituencies no matter what, safe unaccountable bureaucrats dictating how policies will be administered, unpoliced journalists either hiding the truth or force feeding the public lies or tat, self appointed activists, minority pressure groups, all seeking to undermine the basis of UK civilisation and freedom. The most obvious signs being the robbing of the public purse to line their pockets. We have it with the coddling of the criminal classes and idiot sentencing, which affect the majority not the elite safe in their leafy boroughs. The wrecking of education whilst the said elites send their offspring to private schools, the gradual destruction of power generation which will sooner or later leave the majority of us in the dark, poor unreliable public transport coupled with the gradual demonisation of car drivers making it ever more expensive to drive and limiting choice of employment. Petty rules and regulations in our personal lives, don't drink, don't smoke, eat 5 a day. The creation of an underclass as well as a 5th column of religious extremists all have taken our society to the brink. If we had the society we have imposed on us by a foreign government it would be tantamount to a crime against humanity, practically an act of war.
Then again the political classes are to all extent and purpose foreigners, even if they share citizenship with the majority of us, yet they have renounced this citizenship, this shared commonality with us to set themselves up as elites who presume to control our lives and tell us what to do by thousands of petty regulations, one drip at a time until the day we wake up and find that Big Brother was no book but a living nightmare with an untouchable, unreachable elite in charge who don't see us nor do they care so long as we obey.
The political class have moved on from being a parasite, they are no symbiont, they seek only their own pleasure, their own domination of the body politic and are sucking the life and joy out of society bit by bit.
We owe these people nothing, they are at war with us and we haven't realised this, some blogs have started fighting back, even a few politicians, though the majority are hopelessly corrupted by the system. The main 3 parties are up to their necks in it which is why they'll never again get my vote, nor should they get yours.
It's also why Nick Clegg's "Your Freedom" is a waste of time. Until we can bring down the political elite, here and in the EU, we cannot win, they will not let us. Nor will a revolution help as inevitably it will lead again to another elite gaining power, these things rarely if ever work out peacefully. It has to be done from within, simply start by saying no to their aims as a start. Vote against them, for minority parties or independents if necessary.
Above all know who your enemy is, it's an unelectable elite running things behind the scenes with the connivance of our elected politicians.
Can we win? Some days I believe so, a lot of days though I expect the UK to go whimpering into the long night, divided and conquered and living in a state of barbarism. It's what the elite want, that means they'll always be in control.

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James Higham said...

Little suggestion coming up tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

What traditions of freedom and fairness would they be Nick...? or did I miss something?

They really are a set of havering (rubbish talking for the non Scots) twerps.

The Act of Union gets my vote ....LOL Yours too QM?

Anonymous said...

If all laws are repealed it would fit nicely into Ken Clarke's idea of not sending anyone to prison.

Mark @ Israel said...

Well, this is the way of politics in most of the countries I have known. If the system of government has made them giant suckers, the same political system will stand still for truth and for the welfare of the people. And if you think that your concept of freedom is just a mere illusion, it only means that such a concept does not reveal the true nature of freedom. Freedom can never be illusive.