Sunday, July 25, 2010

A good day to be an Englishman #6

Considering our utter failure in the football I as an Englishman have had to look far and wide in our wonderful land to find a "sporting" hero worthy of praise.

Step forward Dean Gould 45 of Felixstowe, Suffolk holder of the world record in beer mat flipping.

Dean Gould 45, flipped and caught 35 beer mats with two fingers whilst blindfolded - more than doubling the previous best of 16.
He also set a new 'speed flipping' record with 800 successful flips in just 41.06 seconds. 
The third record involved catching 108 mats after dropping them from his elbow, beating the old 'snatch' record of 107.
Mr Gould, of Felixstowe, Suffolk, adds the three records to his previous tally of 13 Guinness World Record entries, which include licking and sticking 235 stamps to envelopes in five minutes.
He also holds the record for catching an incredible 341 one penny coins from his elbow and eating 113 sweetcorn kernels with a cocktail stick in three minutes.
Speaking of his latest feat, he said: ''It was great to break three records and a really good event.
''It was a wonderful atmosphere in the pub and people really enjoyed the day.''
The world record attempts were carried out to celebrate the start of Proud of Pubs Week 2010 at the Wiremill, in Lingfield, Surrey - which is The Publican magazine's Pub of the Year - last week.
So not only is he damned good at it, he can do it blindfolded too! Well done Dean Gould, an Englishman to be proud of with an amazing talent in a very eccentric "sporting" area.

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Anonymous said...

Every Day is a good day to be an Englishman,and Englishwoman,our under nineteen footie players are also doing well.

Anonymous said...

Och I knew England would be great again one day QM... Sincere congratuations!


Peperbarmi said...

Wow the mans a genius!