Sunday, June 27, 2010

Well played Germany

Well it's all over for another 2 years at least assuming we qualify for the European Championship and with this squad not even that's guaranteed, certainly not if they play like they played in this world cup, I hardly think the mighty Wales are quivering in their boots at that performance.
No doubt there will be massive inquests and a lot of shouting over what went wrong, but it can be summed up fairly easily, We Weren't Good Enough! Not by a long way and not even enough to go down fighting. Oh sure some could point out the disallowed goal might have changed the nature of the game, it might have, but that wouldn't have improved our dreadfully playing squad for the next round. These players do well in the premiership, however they are surrounded (and I suspect carried) by talented foreigners too. Rooney might just as well not have turned up and don't get me started on Heskey!
It seems once again that only the England fans have the passion and belief in our country, certainly our squad doesn't seem too. The flags will be packed away and people will feel robbed, not by Germany, but by the England squad. Germany showed us how it can be done, will we learn? I suspect not, we never do.

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James Higham said...

Well said but hopefully, the size of the loss will shake things up a bit.