Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spiteful and deceitful

Yes as the post title alludes to it's about Gordon Brown and Labour, though it could easily have read petty and pathetic. Now I know the Prime Minister is well paid and I know that David Cameron is a millionaire, however what Brown did just before leaving office underlines just what Labour were and are about.


Gordon Brown's last act was to deprive David Cameron of hundreds of thousands of pounds 

Gordon Brown's failure to turn up for the State Opening of Parliament may well have been because he couldn't look David Cameron in the face. Mandrake hears that one of Brown's final acts in the Downing Street bunker was quietly to organise a pay cut for his successor which he must have known would leave him out of pocket to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds.
On Brown's orders, the Prime Minister's remuneration package was cut from £194,000 to £150,000, but this was done with such stealth that no formal announcement was ever made.
Indeed, I am told that Cameron entered Downing Street blissfully unaware that he would, as Prime Minister, be earning only marginally more than he had as the leader of the Opposition.
One imagines that the poor chap must therefore have set about implementing his pre-election pledge of an across-the- board cut in ministerial salaries of five per cent with a heavy heart as this took his salary down to £142,000.
Over the course of a five-year parliament, I calculate the personal loss to Cameron will be in excess of £250,000, and this is not counting the pension benefits.
"This was pure Gordon," harrumphs my man in Whitehall. "Quite prepared to make the big sacrifices – so long as it wasn't him who actually had to make them."
OK it's not as if Cameron needs the money and it's not like savings wont have to be made, but this was done deliberately as a swipe at the next Prime Minister of a party that Brown hated to the core of his being. It was this hatred that wrecked the economy as more and more taxpayers funds were channelled into Labour core areas and benefit drones. It was this hatred that saw immigration spiral out of control to rub the Tories noses in multiculturalism. It was this hatred behind the deluded "Tory Toff" campaign and it is a hatred that is prevalent in the Socialist left throughout the country, it seems it isn't about what they can do to improve the country, but more about what they can do to thwart, destroy, impede and disrupt Tory policy, they are in a sense defined by their hatred, rather than their desire to do what's right.
Until Labour can move away from the politics of hate they'll never be a suitable  government for this country even if they do manage to regain power.
The best option perhaps for England will be independence from the UK, that will remove much of Labours powerbase from England and leave the other nations to put up with their economic imbecility and cultural hatred of any right leaning political party to the point of being ready willing and able to destroy an economy and import voters simply to keep out another political party.

Update, Mr Eugenides sums it up far better than I.

4 annotations:

John R said...

Brown - a man whose mind is in the gutter, along with his (supposed) moral compass.

Trooper Thompson said...

There's nought more anti-social as socialism.

Mrs Rigby said...

All the parliamentary cost-cutting (wages/expenses/severance/pensions etc) were to commence with the incoming government. None of them were willing to take reductions, things like that are for other people.

Spite - perhaps. Greed - seems so.

Anonymous said...

His last action was the measure of the man. May he be long remembered for it.

I hope someone produces a banner which encapsulates this last act of spite. I'd be glad to host it and post it far and wide. (Unfortunately, I'm hopeless at producing banners!)