Tuesday, June 1, 2010


David Laws is claiming that he has paid a high price for trying to keep his sexuality secret.

David Laws has said he never sought to exploit the expenses system and had paid a "high price" for wanting to keep his sexuality private.
Mr Laws, who quit as Chief Secretary to the Treasury after disclosures about his expenses, said he should have been "more open" about his circumstances.
"I accept I should have set a better example as a public figure," he said in a statement to local media.
He said he hoped to remain as Yeovil MP, if his constituents backed him.
The Liberal Democrat resigned as Chief Secretary to the Treasury, saying he did not feel he could continue with the "crucial work" of sorting out the nation's finances after it emerged that he claimed expenses to pay rent to his partner, James Lundie.
Under rules introduced in 2006, MPs are not allowed to lease accommodation from a partner.
Mr Laws had already apologised for a breach of the rules, referred himself to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner and agreed to repay £40,000.
Senior politicians from the coalition government have praised Mr Laws and said they hope he can return to office some time in the future.
He actually paid a very minor price for cheating the taxpayer, not for concealing his sexuality. We're I to misappropriate £40,000 from my employer I very much doubt I'd be demoted with a chance of promotion in my future. I suspect I'd be looking at the sack and criminal proceedings leading to a jail term of 1 to 4 years. Yes I've heard the arguments from some who say he could have claimed more if he'd declared his sexuality and got the second mortgage payments. I've heard the argument that even today his sexuality could have cost him his vocation and it's possibly true. However I also know he's a millionaire and could have quite easily just forgone this payment and kept his private life, well private. However it seems he chose to deceive friends, family and colleagues (although it appears to have been an open secret in the Westminster bubble) and then also chose to profit from this deception, to the tune of £40,000.

So, no David Laws, you didn't pay a high price for being gay, you cheated the taxpayer when you didn't need to, that makes you a thief, no matter your sexual preferences, you still have a job, you still have the pension and no doubt you still have access to the expenses.

I call it a damned disgrace.

2 annotations:

John R said...

As with all the other troughing piggies "outed" over the last year, why are there no charges being brought here?

Are the "Laws" different for MPs?

paulo said...

My thoughts entireley. An utter disgrace. And the whole business reflects badly on CMD.

Cameron's definition of an "honourable man" is a hell of a long way from mine.