Sunday, May 9, 2010

So what now?

Well it's day 3 of the stalemate and not a lot is happening save a lot of hot air from the MSM pundits and bloggers too, truth be told, even the general public are in on the act as my good Lady, who loathes politics and politicians (though she always votes) is starting to opine on what she wants to happen*.
England and Wales more or less voted for change, were we to lop off the Scottish vote, Cameron would have a very comfy majority to play around with, though I doubt he'd be that popular in a years time after they see the real state of the books and have to make some very unpopular decisions. Labour however have decided that as their vote increased in Scotland by 0.1% that they still have a mandate for the tail to wag the dog, they are supported by Alex Salmond of the SNP who whilst having a Braveheart moment thought he could trust Labour to keep their word and share a bit of power in a Lib/Lab/SNP/Plaid/Uncle Tob Cobbley and all coalition. A lot of right wing SNP supporters were naturally a bit upset about this, though they shouldn't be too surprised, Salmond is a politician after all and power not morality is the key to understanding his position on pretty much anything.
Whilst Gordon Brown has gone into hiding (or at least not saying a lot other than screaming down the phone at Nick Clegg in a typical lovers tiff) his clone army were out either jockeying for position as the new Sith Emperor or making a total arse of themselves (Yes Jack Dromey we're looking at you) on tv by not answering a simple question with a straight answer. Asked if Gordon should go, he replied that because the rebels did not have a majority, Labour have a total mandate to rule and despite the destruction of the Death Star they still were in charge as they controlled Scotland (Something like that anyway).
On top of this Labour are sending Darth Eyebrows out to Brussels to hand over a lot of cash because the Euro has been declared a national disaster under addendum 122 of the Lisbon treaty that they signed up to without asking anyone as they knew we wouldn't mind.
Cameron and Clegg are still trying to find some common ground that they can forge an alliance with, in that they both want power, but have these inconvenient grass roots supporters ready, willing and able to hang them out to dry if they deviate from the one true path, Clegg in particular is being harassed by the Wookie squad of PR supporters demanding that as they have no power the voting rules should be changed to confuse the issue even further. Cameron's problems stem more from the fact that his supporters expected to win provided that they didn't talk about the war EU and they didn't although it was close, so they are waiting to see what light sabre he can pull out of his hat before they get rid of him and replace him with a real Jedi Conservative.

Me, I just want England to be free, of both the UK and the EU, so far it's looking a lot better than it did last week.

*I've tried explaining that taking them outside and shooting them before starting again is not an option, but have to admit it's a decent premise and growing more popular by the day

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Anonymous said...

Angry Man

You have pretty good in your rant except for one small, subtle and very important thing.

Salmond is not out for power for its own sake. That really has no meaningful place in the SNP's position. Remember that the number one objective of the SNP and the target all its office bearers, since its inception, have striven for it the establishment of a separate Scottish state.

What he is doing is making a play for something in as a way to hasten that day.

A bit like your position I think.

You should be encouraging him?

Anonymous said...

couple of grammatical and spelling errors. Sorry about that but I think you will get the gist?

Quiet_Man said...

I know what he's after Bugger, I just don't know why he did it this way, he wont wind the English up over it and he wont find any friends in Labour because of it.
He might be playing a deep game, but I'm damned if I know what it is, a Tory lead government in the UK will hasten his dream far more than a Labour one will.

Anonymous said...

He is on a win-win situation and is just covering his cards.

Also he has been let into some important info by the UK Civil Service which he will keep ticked up his sleeve.

He was, remember saying for at least 6 months, that there would be a 20% reduction in civil service numbers and department budgets after the election.

That he knew from the Edinburgh Scottish Civil Service because they were working with Whitehall preparing for the inevitable.

He talked about it openly but neither, Brown, Cameron or Clegg talked about the real scope of the cuts because they didn't want to frighten the pit ponies and be unelectable. Salmond had no personal axe to hide there so, he spoke the truth.

John R said...

I'd like to be rid of him and his ilk as he appears to be to get rid of me.

So let's have a proper referendum, one that includes the English and the Scots - after all the union is between two nations - and cut him off for good. English taxes for English voters at last.

Leaving Scotland to survive on its own resources would be the best thing we could for them. It'd be fun to see how fast they needed the EU/IMF to bail them out.