Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scorched Earth

Well we knew it might happen, we certainly know how the socialist mindset works, petty and vindictive beyond belief when their little empires are thwarted and overturned by what passes for the democratic process in this country. These are the people in WW2 who were prepared to sabotage the war effort during the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact until at least Hitler invaded the then Soviet Union. These are the people who sold our atomic secrets to the Soviet Union and spied on us. These are the people who tried to have our nuclear deterrent disbanded whilst knowing full well the Soviets had no intention of removing theirs. These are the people who saw the Soviet Union and its satellites as a workers paradise until it collapsed, who still believe that Cuba, China and possibly even North Korea are still the way to go as an ideal society and are currently working in and around the EU to subvert it to socialist ideals. These are the people who think they know best how to spend our taxes, robbing us blind to pay for their favoured diverse and multicultural pets and processes, who follow Marxist dialectics and try always unsuccessfully to run economies based on that failed theory. Who see personal liberty and freedom as inconveniences to a workers paradise and are prepared to use the state and its hirelings to control every aspect of our lives for our own good and security.
And when we rid ourselves of them via the vote and put in a new government we find this sort of thing...


Labour hid ‘scorched earth’ debts

Labour ‘left poison pills’ for Cameron’s government

THE government last night accused Labour of pursuing a “scorched earth policy” before the general election, leaving behind billions of pounds of previously hidden spending commitments.
The newly discovered Whitehall “black holes” could force even more severe public spending cuts, or higher tax rises, ministers fear.
Vince Cable, the business secretary, said: “I fear that a lot of bad news about the public finances has been hidden and stored up for the new government. The skeletons are starting to fall out of the cupboard.”
The new cabinet has been discovering previously unknown contracts and uncosted spending commitments left by their spendthrift predecessors.
“There are some worrying early signs that numbers left by the outgoing government may not add up,” said Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office minister.
David Willetts, the universities minister, claimed that Labour had left behind “not so much an in-tray as a minefield”.
Billions of pounds in public money was committed in the run-up to the election campaign in a deliberate strategy to boost Labour’s chances at the ballot box and sabotage the next government.
One former Labour minister told The Sunday Times: “There was collusion between ministers and civil servants to get as many contracts signed off as possible before the election was called.”
One former adviser to the schools department said there was a deliberate policy of “scorched earth”. “The atmosphere was ‘pull up all the railways, burn the grain stores, leave nothing for the Tories’,” he added.
The disclosures come as George Osborne, the chancellor, prepares this week to reveal details of an initial £6 billion of cuts to help plug the hole in the £163 billion deficit. A full emergency budget next month will see some departmental budgets being slashed by up to 25% as well as tax rises, including a possible hike in Vat.
Many ministers are spending this weekend going through their red boxes trying to understand the scale of the budgetary black holes facing their departments.
The “black holes” that ministers have already unearthed include:
- A series of defence contracts signed shortly before the election, including a £13 billion tanker aircraft programme whose cost has “astonished and baffled” ministers.
- £420m of school building contracts, many targeting Labour marginals, signed off by Ed Balls, the former schools secretary, weeks before the general election was called.
- The troubled £1.2 billion “e-borders” IT project for the immigration service, which, sources say, is running even later and more over-budget than Labour ministers had admitted.
- A crisis in the student loans company where extra cash may be needed to prevent a repeat of last year’s failure to process tens of thousands of claims on time.
- The multi-billion-pound cost of decommissioning old nuclear power plants, which ministers claim has not been properly accounted for in Whitehall budgets.
- A £600m computer contract for the new personal pensions account scheme rushed through by Labour this year, which will still cost at least £25m even if it is cancelled.
Maude, who has been given the task of reducing Whitehall waste, insisted that ministers were not scaremongering to paint their predecessors in a negative light. He said there was widespread concern that Labour had become particularly spendthrift in the run-up to the election campaign.
 I'm sure there's more and I'm sure by the next election Labour will be back on its feet to an extent, run by the unions and blaming the Tories and the Lib Dems for not sorting out their mess.
They have saddled us, our children and our grandchildren with mountains of debt, they have spent our money, maxed out the countries credit card and then went ahead Zimbabwe style to print money to make up the difference. And when they knew the game was up, they vented their spite and hatred of the right by spending some more on their constituencies and left others to sort out the disaster that was their time in office and us to pick up the tab.

And the worst thing is, come the next election they'll blame everyone but themselves in an effort to get back into power and possibly up to a third of the population will vote for them come hell or high water.
They say people get the government they deserve, it's not entirely true, save in the case of Labour voters, who never seem to learn the lessons and still believe that Labour will look after them. They believe the myth of the rich soaking the poor whilst ignoring the fact that Labour seek to emulate the rich using our money to do so, but only for the party or top union bosses. After all you wouldn't expect those who labour so hard on the part of the masses to actually live like them now would you? Well they don't.

Petty, spiteful and vindictive defined only by their hatred of the right and their efforts to keep them out of power even if it means wrecking and ruining the country to do it.

That's the New Labour legacy.

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John R said...

Dem Tories need to immediately scrap anything that is part of this scorched earth policy with no compensation. No-one on either side of the negotiating table who was signing a deal in the last few months could have been under any illusions about the reason why these contracts were being rushed through at that particular time. Company ethics are just as important as personal ones, if you try to pull a fast one and get caught then you have to take the pain.

Tell any contractor who objects that they can either go to court and waste time and money trying to sue and not bother bidding for future deals or accept they were part of the NuLieBore fraud and swallow the cost but be assured of a fair hearing in any future deals. Companies cannot collude in this type of behaviour then claim they were unaware of what they were doing.

James Higham said...

Well we knew it might happen, we certainly know how the socialist mindset works, petty and vindictive beyond belief when their little empires are thwarted and overturned by what passes for the democratic process in this country.

Beautiful opening and the rest follows.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Labour seek to emulate the rich using our money to do so, but only for the party or top union bosses.

And work shy chavs, and unmarried bastard factories on legs (or their backs normally), and immigrants, and their friends in "charities", and aid to countries like Indai, that can afford their own bloody SPACE programme. Just to name a FEW others that benefit.