Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Same as it ever was

Meet the new government, same as the old government, authoritarian bansturbators to the core.

Britain's 24-hour licensing laws could be axed after the new coalition Government ordered a wholesale review.
Home Secretary Theresa May said she is determined to examine problems created by the "binge-drinking culture", including street violence and other crimes.
Speaking at the Police Federation conference, she said she opposed the 2003 Licensing Act when it was introduced by the previous administration.
Questioned by a police officer in the audience about the problems caused by heavy drinking, Mrs May confirmed that a review is under way.
She said: "We are going to look at the licensing laws. I was in opposition when the new laws were introduced and I argued against them.
"I argued that those were the sorts of problems that would come about but I was told we would have a cafe culture. We think they have produced problems on the streets.
"There are some other issues to look at around the binge drinking culture that has grown up. We think it is right that we do review these laws."
Earlier this month, Judge Christopher Harvey Clark QC said relaxing the nation's licensing laws was partly to blame for incidents of violence on the streets.
As ever the target is the vast law abiding mass who behave, have a good time and don't cause any bother. We have to pay the price because the police and authorities can't be bothered to use their powers properly nor deal with the miscreants properly. So they opt for the ban, every time, they spoil everyone's pleasure rather than deal with the problem. They'd rather businesses go to the wall than lock up the troublemakers.
Of course, if you have a real problem, then they get to stay at our expense and we can't deport them in case their human rights are infringed.
But it's ok to infringe on our freedom.

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