Friday, May 14, 2010

Removing the regions

One of the worries of supporters for an English Parliament was the Labour governments insistence despite rejection in referenda (an EUphilic trait) that England would be split up into regions (like we didn't already have counties) It was prevalent in Labours NewSpeak where the UK was called a country of nations and regions, the nations being the Celts and the regions being the English, somewhat discriminatory, but very New Labour as it divided and conquered (so to speak) England and would have given some control of the regions to their party. When their referendum failed in the North-East, they went ahead and did it anyway using it as a means to stuff their politically correct mindless drones in the regional committees and removing local control from the counties and shires. The good news is that the Con/Lib government is going to remove those regional committees.

Northern Echo.
THE region faces a revolution in decision-making within weeks of the new Conservative-Liberal government coming to power, The Northern Echo can reveal today.
Communities Secretary Eric Pickles will bring forward plans to strip out Labour’s “regional tier” of government, while also pushing for powerful “executive mayors” in towns and cities.
The Government’s war on red tape means:
■ The end of the ten-year blueprint mapping out the North-East’s regional development;
■ Forcing councils to account for all spending above £500;
■ Plans to sweep away town hall bureaucrats, replacing them with all-powerful executive mayors;
■ Moves to strip authorities of powers over new schools;
■ Plans for elected police commissioners to oversee law enforcement.
The agenda means wielding the axe on the regional spatial strategy (RSS), the blueprint to deliver infrastructure, housing, transport and business investment over the next decade.
Cue howls of anguish from the "Righteous" who see their dreams of avarice suckling on the taxpayer riding off into the sunset. Even the Police chiefs are up in arms, it could mean the end of ACPO and their little financial empire too. After all if the public start to elect police chiefs, they'll elect them on the grounds of catching criminals, not political reliability. In short it's all about accountability to the general public rather than the Labour Party/Government.
Destruction of the regional tier will not be the end of the EU's plans to destroy the English politically of course, but it will put a bit of a dent in them.

5 annotations:

John R said...

Another very positive step from Dem Tories!!

They need to strike early and get as many of these measures underway as possible to ensure a) we see the financial benefit of cutting unnecessary heads and b) we limit the opportunities of the leeches to circumvent the cuts.

James Higham said...

Interesting because they were Common Purpose and the two talking heads talked of common purpose.

Anonymous said...

They had many plans for us.

As you say, Pickles' new plans are a very good thing.

Good post Quiet Man.

DerekP said...

"it could mean the end of ACPO and their little financial empire too"

Oh, please God, yes!

Barking Spider said...

ACPO has got to go, QM.