Friday, May 7, 2010

Odd sort of night

Well the Tories took Chatham and Aylesford (my constituency) so I can hold my head high in that I didn't cost the Tories the seat here, though in all conscience I could not bring myself to vote for them due to some very weak national policies as well as a certain cast iron promise broken. Kent the county is now totally Tory too, like it was before 1997, I expect if labour and the Lib Dems cobble together an alliance we'll suffer for that, though I suspect that Clegg if he's smart will see that for the poisoned chalice it is. Then again smart and Lib Dem is a bit of an unusual set of circumstances. The watermelons also managed to get an MP in Brighton, no doubt she'll slavishly vote Labour, hopefully though she'll never ever have a deciding vote as knowing the Green party it will not go in favour of the best interests of the people.
Still Cameron might just scrape home with a tiny majority, it might keep him honest and more in touch with what real conservatives want, then again, perhaps not, he is a politician after all and I suspect a closet EUphile, he could have had my vote yesterday if he'd said that the re-affirmation if the Lisbon Treaty would be put to a referendum, but he said nothing, which means to me that he said no.
Still Labour got a good kicking which is no less than they deserved, they were still trying to rewrite the constitution on keeping power when last I looked, wasn't going too well though, Tories kept getting gains. BBC were terribly upset too, all their analysis seemed to be all over the place and nothing went to plan, they were still bigging up a labour/Lib Dem minority government last I looked, but you could see in their eyes they knew the game was up.

Was fun watching though I doubt I'll do it again, unless of course I'm working nightshift.

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