Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There are many things I disliked about New Labour, economic imbecility, delusions of socialist grandeur, obsession with class, obsession with lining their pockets at our expense, multiculturalism, favouritism, cronyism etc. It's a long list. There are a few things I hated about new Labour, their big state, big brother ever intrusive poking their noses into our lifestyles and presuming they knew best about how we should behave, their constant bansturbation to target everyone rather than the root cause of a problem. Their politicisation of the police hierarchy and their removal of ancient rights from the people of the land.
Their was (and is) one thing about New Labour (or Labour in general) that always got me livid and that's their disdain shading to outright hatred of the English, be it Jack Straw calling us violent, or Gordon Brown seemingly being unable to say England, even John Denham attacking the EDL for the violence of the UAF. They set up regional committees and filled them with placemen all of whom desired the splitting up or marginalisation of our nation, when the people said no! They went ahead and did it anyway.
And now we have Lord Triesman, a Labour Lord who can't keep his dick in his pants, who wanted a British football team in the Olympics despite opposition from all UK football associations and who has probably because of his indiscretions cost England the World Cup in 2018.
Yes I know it was the Mail on Sunday who printed the allegations and they certainly share a goodly portion of the blame as does the Daily Mail and they're getting a right good kicking in the press and from the public because of it. But it was Labours penchant for anti-Englishness coupled with an almost unique talentless set of politicians with an inherent ability to pick the wrong person for a job who put Triesman (Gordon's choice) in charge at the F.A. and who proceeded to undermine this country at almost every chance he got, probably because he saw being British rather than English as being the important thing.

People are planning on boycotting the Mail, I don't blame them, but to be honest I'd rather they boycotted Labour who put this buffoon in charge in the first place.

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James Higham said...

That scuppering seems to me to have been an intended consequence.