Sunday, May 30, 2010


One of the things that all the politicians who were vying for our votes in the last general election promised is that they would do something about letting in those who preach hate and violence into the country. Labour of course had a list of undesirables including Geert Wilders the Dutch politician and Michael Savage, the US broadcaster, neither who have called for violence in any shape or form, they were simply unpopular with a certain religion of peace who the apparatchiks in New Labour favoured as treasured pets as they had a tendency to vote for them when not voting for Respect.
And so, less than a month into the coalition we have a certain Zakir Naik (also a member of the religion of peace) coming to do his televangelist shows in the UK.

THE home secretary, Theresa May, is facing a stiff test of the Conservative party’s claims to oppose radical Islam after her officials chose to allow a misogynist Muslim preacher into Britain.
Zakir Naik, an Indian televangelist described as a “hate-monger” by moderate Muslims and one Tory MP, says western women make themselves “more susceptible to rape” by wearing revealing clothing.
Naik, who proselytises on Peace TV, a satellite television channel, is reported to have called for the execution of Muslims who change their faith, described Americans as “pigs” and said that “every Muslim should be a terrorist”.
In a recent lecture, he said he was “with” Osama Bin Laden over the attacks on “terrorist America”, adding that the 9/11 hijackings were an inside job by President George W Bush.
One well-placed insider said: “Zakir Naik is a nasty man who makes al-Qaradawi look like a participant at a teddy bears’ picnic. He shouldn’t be allowed into the country to stir up hatred.”
The Home Office indicated that it was not planning to ban Naik, however.
Quite the card isn't he? And our wonderful Home Office is going to let him in despite such rants as these...
“In America, most people consume pork. Many times after dance parties, they have swapping of wives. Many say, ‘You sleep with my wife and I will sleep with your wife’. If you eat pigs then you behave like pigs.”

“Western society has actually degraded [women] to the status of concubines, mistresses and social butterflies, who are mere tools in the hands of pleasure seekers and sex marketeers”

“People who change their religion should face the death penalty”

“It is a blatant secret that this attack on the twin towers was done by George Bush himself”

“If he [Osama Bin Laden] is terrorising the terrorists, if he is terrorising America the terrorist ... I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist”
Freedom of speech is one thing, but this is hate speech and Naik should not be given a platform in this country to spread it. If the government can attempt to ban Wilders and Savage then they should also be blocking hate mongers like Naik and al-Qaradari.
Wonder what Theresa May will do, or will it just be "unfortunate" again.

4 annotations:

Anonymous said...

Yep agreed.

John R said...

She'll bottle it 'cos she knows she works for a weak boss who wouldn't support her if she blocked the hate-monger and all the "Religion of Peace" fellow travellers and apologists took to the airwaves and streets in protest.

Cameron may be a Conservative but he's just not conservative.

Anonymous said...

I always suspected the ingestion of pork led to sexual deviance...

Michele said...

Oh let the idiot in! Five minutes of listening to him and the muslim tolerence index in the UK will be down by another 20 points.

If he's allowed in the RoP will not be able to claim the high moral ground, they'll have enought to do trying to neutralise the damage.

To ban him would give them the moral edge.