Sunday, April 25, 2010

When pets attack

The BBC is institutionally left wing biased, it even recognises it itself., though it often mistakes this bias for centre ground.
However during a general election it has to behave by the rules of impartiality. Even if the subject matter is anathema to them in the form of the BNP. Though various pets of the establishment obviously feel that impartiality should only apply to their choices, not the whole political gamut.

Protesters are to gather outside BBC headquarters tomorrow as the British National Party's election broadcast is aired.
The BBC is accused by campaign group Unite Against Fascism (UAF) of giving "unwarranted and uncritical coverage" of the BNP during the run-up to the election.
The BNP's five-minute party election broadcast (PEB) is set to be aired on BBC1 at 6.55pm.
UAF's protest at Broadcasting House in central London will be supported by the Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union (Bectu), as well as the Muslim Council of Britain and Jewish Council for Racial Equality.
A BBC spokesman said the Corporation was "obliged to treat political parties contesting the election with due impartiality", as set out in its charter.
He added: "Over the course of the election, we will ensure appropriate scrutiny as we would with any party."
This is correct, they may not like it, but they have to play by the rules during a general election. So no Question Time histrionics this time.
But UAF joint secretary Sabby Dhalu said: "The BBC has given unwarranted and uncritical coverage of the BNP during this election campaign, particularly on TV news and Radio 4, which has failed to challenge its racist scapegoating of immigrants and Islamophobia.
What part of impartial are you struggling with here? You've challenged the BNP many times and their popularity still grows, perhaps a look at some of the people you stand alongside (MCB) might give you a clue as to why.
"The BBC's justification for giving the BNP more coverage is the election of two BNP MEPs last year. This is misguided.
The democratic decision by over a million voters to elect BNP MEP's might have been misguided, but it's a fact you and your anti-democratic loons are going to have to live with.
"Giving the BNP a platform and failing to expose and challenge it gives the BNP a veneer of legitimacy.
Forgive me if I'm wrong here, but the BNP are a legitimate political party, which is far more than the ultra violent, anti-English, anti-free speech UAF are.
"The BNP is a fascist organisation, not a normal political party, and the public does not pay its licence fee to see fascists broadcast their politics of hate."
The License fee payers probably don't like to see their license fees go to pay any political parties message, or is he suggesting that only political parties that he approves of should have a say on tv?

You know I do believe he is.

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Anonymous said...

These people are arrogant enough to believe that.

Any organisation that thinks it's fair that their staff should spend over £7,000 on an airline ticket when the journey could be made for around £200, is capable of any kind of leap from reality.

Whatever the BNP stands for it is a legally constituted party and it's entitled to be heard. People ar entitled to turn their telly off for 5 minutes after all, if they don't want to hear it.

Longrider said...

That is precisely what he means. Whenever these people use the tern "free speech" they really mean "approved speech". Irony free Orwellianism in action.

Alfie said...

If you haven't yet heard this and you've got 20 minutes to spare, you really should press the link here...

It is one of the most brutal beat-up jobs I've ever heard. Harriet Harman gets well worked over by Ulsterman Steven Nolan - A BBC MAN NO LESS!!!!
It's absolutely brilliant!!!